Bar Pasquale


New York City, USA

About Bar Pasquale

Bar Pasquale is the newest venture from Delicious Hospitality, the group behind Charlie Bird, Legacy Records and Pasquale Jones. (Full disclosure: I am the Beverage Director for the whole group.) While Pasquale Jones has always had its heart in Naples, Bar Pasquale focuses on Sicily. Both the food and the wine list are inspired by the time the team traveled together throughout the region.

The wine list has a big focus on small producers from many of the sub-regions of Sicily. While Sicilian-focused, the list keeps a fair number of bottles on hand from the rest of Europe, as well as a small selection of New World offerings. And there's quite a bit of Burgundy because, as Salvatori Geraci from Palari, says, “My heart - it doesn’t beat for Nero d’Avola, it beats in Burgundy.”

Wine team

  • Theo Lieberman
    Beverage Director
  • CE
    Celia Erickson
    Wine Director
  • MM
    Maeve McDermott

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