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New York City, USA

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About Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park is a restaurant in Manhattan, New York City. A temple of gastronomy and for many, a must visit. The wine list is similarly impressive and expansive. The team has built what can only be described as a dream list. Not cheap, but then again, if you've secured a reservation at one of the world's most praised restaurants, skimping probably isn't your number one concern.

The wine list at Eleven Madison Park stretches to more 200 pages and apart from California, it is mostly focused on Europe. Interestingly, Corsica has earned its own section.

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  • The jury’s top selection for the by the glass category was unanimous. EMP’s wide range of selections in both colors made it highly enticing, and so did its very reasonable pricing. Most lists we looked at didn’t have any or many wines under $20 by the glass, making them less accessible to experimentation, which is one of the big draws of a by the glass list. There was even a local, New York Riesling featured. Plus, the sweet and especially the fortified lists were a playground of opportunities to taste very special wines, says the jury's Christy Canterbury when Eleven Madison Park won Best By the Glass List 2023.

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