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Owners Chase and Josh have had a lot of time to plan their perfect restaurant and, boy, does it show. The duo met when Chase was working as the Wine Director at Momofuku Ko and Josh was the Corporate Chef for the group. They wanted a restaurant that combined the vibe of a French and English bistro, with the cuisine representing the French food woven through Josh’s history, with some Asian flair snuck in.

The wine list in its entirety hovers around 800 references; however, there is a daily shortlist with a more navigable 250 references, 50 of which are under $100. The list is sorted alphabetically by producer name, no matter what it costs or where it’s from. It's honestly a great way to find things you wouldn’t have normally looked for. It’s also fun to see wine for under $50 next to wine in the quadruple digits and the list is packed with gems, a lot of which have some age on them.

Wine team

  • CS
    Chase Sinzer
    Owner & Wine Director
  • JP
    Joshua Pinsky
    Owner, Chef
  • JS
    Julia Schwartz

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