Michelin inspector sighted in Gothenburg ― a trick revealed

Photo Mikael Miettinen Wikimedia
Krister Bengtsson
Published 06-February-2023
News / Gothenburg

At the West Sweden Sommelier Day last Sunday, the discussions turned to an unusually early sign of spring ― the sighting of a Michelin inspector. And one of their tricks was revealed.

A sommelier with plenty of experience from Michelin restaurants made the first sighting in their restaurant early last week. And it was not by any particular behaviour on the inspector’s behalf ― the sommelier simply recognised the person. 

Soon after, the phones went hot around Gothenburg. A bit like when ornithologists spot a rare bird along the coast. 

An interesting fact was revealed: the inspector had booked the tables under different names at the different establishments, but used the same phone number and email address. So not exactly top level deception going on there. 

Which places that will earn stars? Patience, the Nordic Michelin guide is usually revealed during summer. 

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