The wine guide to 5 Michelin star restaurants in Munich 2024

Rockstar sommelier Justin Leone has selected his favorite wine places with Michelin stars in Munich. Enjoy!

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  1. Phone: +49 89 358991814

    Address: Am Olympiapark 1, München

    This is a fantastic two Michelin star restaurant with progressive and elegant cuisine, still rooted in a French-Bavarian concept. The room is quite unique and elegantly appointed: It’s situated in the BMW World and all glass, looking down on the BMW showroom. Like a super trendy Tribeca loft, groovy with a modern design. The wine list is very comprehensive, and the head sommelier has worked in all of Germany’s top restaurants. You’ll find a lot of Burgundy and Bordeaux on the list, as well as German wines, but basically, anything you want to drink, you will find – and the prices are fair. Fo...

  2. Phone: +49 89 3619590

    Address: Johann-Fichte-Straße 7, München

    Best Long List of the Year DACH 2024

    Restaurant Tantris is my Alma Mater and the reason I came to Germany. Tantris is basically the Bocuse of Germany, one of the most prestigious restaurants in the country. It has a crazy interior with a timeless 70s’ flare, designed by a Swiss cathedral architect.

  3. Phone: +49 89 710407373

    Address: Maffeistraße 3A, München

    There are two parts to Les Deux: the casual bistro on the ground floor and the Michelin star restaurant on the first floor. In the Michelin restaurant, they serve a German-influenced French cuisine. The dishes are very precise, clean, bright with a high level of execution. On the ground floor, they serve classic bistro dishes, on an elevated level. The owner and sommelier, Fabrice Kieffer, is Germany’s best maître by far, and a lovely conversator. The wine list is the same for both venues.

  4. Phone: +49 089 45461930

    Address: Kurfürstenstraße 31, München

    The brightest new addition to Munich's Michelin scene comes with double trouble in the owners (and twin brothers, hence the name) Markus & Tobias Klaas. In a nutshell, Brothers is a 1-Star (which begs for 2, actually) par excellence; flawless service and a killer wine list exquisitely frame the thoughtful and brilliantly executed modern cuisine. The wine pairings couldn't be more on point, and the ambience is gorgeous yet relaxed. Not much room for further wishes at this shooting-star restaurant.

  5. Phone: +49 089 46138267

    Address: Amalienpassage Eingang, Amalienstraße 89, Türkenstraße 86a, München

    Chef Jürgen Wolfsgruber always has something up his sleeve; edgy, boundary-pushing 1-star modern dishes with a unique flare. Now, with ex-Tantris somm Nico Spanier running the cellar, the combo is a force to be reckoned with, and I mean, not just by German standards. Relaxed and even a little quirky, the room sets the stage for a very different dining experience. Wine pairings are world-class, the cellar is stocked with everything from classic to nerdy, rare to just cool, and there's something for everyone.