14 great wine bars and wine restaurants in Munich 2022

Here is the guide to all the top places for wine in Munich, selected by our ambassador sommelier Justin Leone.

  1. Phone: +49 89 164238

    Address: Schulstraße 9, München

    Broeding is a Munich classic, and if you want an Austrian experience in Munich, this is where you go. This place is all about elevated Austrian cuisine, along with an only Austrian wine list with amazing depth. Everything from fish to meat is super high quality: you can get just a schnitzel if you want, but it’s going to be one of the best you’ve had all your life. The room itself has kind of a living room feel to it, a bit quirky, colourful, and always packed.

  2. Phone: +49 89 358991814

    Address: Am Olympiapark 1, München

    This is a fantastic two Michelin star restaurant with progressive and elegant cuisine, still rooted in a French-Bavarian concept. The room is quite unique and elegantly appointed: It’s situated in the BMW World and all glass, looking down on the BMW showroom. Like a super trendy Tribeca loft, groovy with a modern design.

  3. Phone: +49 89 551377140

    Address: Schützenstraße 11, München

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Germany, presented by Austrian wine 2021

    This is kind of one of the standards in Munich, an old go-to that has been around for a while. It’s open every day for lunch and dinner and serves elevated Bavarian food. The interior is all wood, which gives the feeling of an old German wine house.

  4. Phone: +49 89 242249504

    Address: Ledererstraße 8a seperater Eingang, München

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Germany, presented by Austrian wine 2021

    This is pretty much the only wine bar on a more world-class level in town, with a great wine list and fair prices. The bar is always packed and bustling, a great ambience. If you go there on Mondays, you’ll find a lot of people from the industry sharing bottles and stories. The food is a kind of very elevated bar food, with small plates and charcuteries. The place is run by two Austrian kids who are very interactive, fun and good looking. Just a great place to hang out!

  5. Phone: +49 89 24231690

    Address: Frauenplatz 12, München

    Guido himself is one of the true characters of Munich and this place, right in the shadow of the big church downtown, is where people go for a bowl of truffle pasta or some foie gras. The food is really delicious, made from the best produce.

  6. Phone: +49 89 215367777

    Address: Maximiliansplatz 9, München

    Arguably the best steakhouse in Munich. The first one opened in Prague, and this one in Munich opened quite recently. The venue itself has a modern 5th Avenue-vibe to it; dark with marble, gold and glass.

  7. Phone: +49 89 7411440

    Address: Heiglhofstraße 18, München

    A very unlikely candidate for this list: a small and simple family-owned hotel. But, the son Andi Neumayr in the kitchen is a huge wine freak and spends his entire days looking on websites for interesting things to buy. The food is comforting Bavarian-style dishes with a lot of handmade ingredients – if you get venison, he probably shot it himself. It’s on the south side of the city, not central. But it’s a destination!

  8. Phone: +49 89 26018637

    Address: Hackenstraße 6-8, München

    Landersdorfer & Innerhofer is based in the Old Town, not far from Grapes Wine Bar, and it’s a quite unsuspecting restaurant; you’d walk by and not expect much of it when you see it from the outside – but it’s such a great place! They don’t have à la carte menu but serve a surprise menu. They basically just go to the market and buy things in the morning and then create the dishes. The food is fresh, modern, regional and very wine-friendly. Bistro fine dining in a very relaxed environment.

  9. Phone: +49 89 710407373

    Address: Maffeistraße 3A, München

    There are two parts to Les Deux: the casual bistro on the ground floor and the two-star Michelin restaurant on the first floor. In the Michelin restaurant, they serve a German-influenced French cuisine. The dishes are very precise, clean, bright with a high level of execution. On the ground floor, they serve classic bistro dishes, on an elevated level. The owner and sommelier, Fabrice Kieffer, is Germany’s best maître by far, and a lovely conversator. The wine list is the same for both venues.

  10. Phone: +49 89 122239470

    Address: Tal 31, München

    A steakhouse with more of a brasserie feel, like you would find in London or the US, with wooden interiors and a relaxed country feeling. Along with The George Steakhouse definitely one of the best steakhouses in Munich – and probably all of Germany.

  11. Phone: +49 89 54849556

    Address: Herzogstraße 29, München

    This is a cool place, and probably one of the most casual on the Munich guide. This is actually a pizza place with a really amazing wine list. The guy behind this concept has worked in several Michelin restaurants but had enough of that and wanted to do something more casual. Here they serve Napolitan pizzas (the Hell Boy is one of the greatest pizza’s ever created!) and kickass wine. There are two other Nine O Five’s in Germany – one in Düsseldorf and one in Augsburg – and they’re all super casual and super fun, always full and always lovely. There are a lot of industry people hanging out he...

  12. Phone: +49 8022 6690

    Address: Überfahrtstraße 10, Rottach-Egern

    Hotel Überfahrt is located a bit outside of the city, though it still belongs to Munich. The hotel and its restaurant are right on the gorgeous Tegernsee lake. Just an awesome luxury hotel, with one of the best locations on the lake. The three Michelin star restaurant serves one of the best cuisines in all of Germany; elevated, thoughtful and awesome.

  13. Phone: +49 89 3619590

    Address: Johann-Fichte-Straße 7, München

    Restaurant Tantris is my Alma Mater and the reason I came to Germany. Tantris is basically the Bocuse of Germany, one of the most prestigious restaurants in the country. It has a crazy interior with a timeless 70s’ flare, designed by a Swiss cathedral architect.

  14. Phone: +49 8121 43091

    Address: Münchener Straße 88, Forstinning

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Germany, presented by Austrian wine 2021

    Zum Vass is actually a taxi ride outside of Munich, but it’s definitely worth the trip and worth mentioning. It’s a very family-oriented place in a beautiful little country house, serving Bavarian comfort food like schnitzel, spätsle and venison done super well. A great place for a weekend lunch or brunch, and half of the place is usually people from the industry.