Amass Restaurant has the best Sustainable Wine List in Denmark

Amass won Sustainable Wine List, presented by Djuce.

Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen won the new category Sustainable Wine List when Star Wine List of the Year Denmark was celebrated during a live event in Copenhagen on Aug. 29. The category was presented by Djuce.

"We need more beverage (and restaurants) leading the pack towards sustainability the way Amass is doing it. They understood and put in practice the fact that sustainability is a whole system where each piece matters. The beverage selection of course, but also the packaging, the recycling, the serving parts as well as the eduction and the communication about it to spread the good words. Bravo!" says jury member Pascaline Lepeltier, Best Sommelier of France, about the winning list.

Vilma Hinnerson, Beverage Director at Amass, says:

"It feels fantastic, especially to be highlighted in the sustainability category. I was really happy to see that Star Wine List added this category this year. There were a lot of great restaurants competing for this award, and of course, we are happy to win. Sustainability is something that we're really pushing for."

"Sustainability is important in everything we do, but wine-wise and beverage-wise, we work really close with some smaller importers, and for the producers we work with, the most important thing is to get their personality in the wines." Star Wine List of the Year is our event to celebrate the great wine lists and the teams behind them. It is part of our international Star Wine List tour - and the winners in several categories will qualify for our international final in June 2023.

This was the third time Star Wine List of the Year Denmark was celebrated, but the first time with a category for Sustainable Wine List. The category was presented by the new premium wine brand Djuce.

"We founded Djuce because we believe there is a more sustainable way to drink great wine. Initiatives like this award category and others are key in order to celebrate the trailblazers who ultimately change all our drinking behaviour. It is therefore a very natural thing for us to engage in," says Pontus Lindqvist, co-founder and Head of Product at Djuce.

Amass in Copenhagen.

The silver medalists in the Sustainable Wine List category were:
BRACE, Copenhagen
LAGO, Copenhagen
Nr.30, Copenhagen
Restaurant Camino, Copenhagen

The jury comprises some of the best sommeliers in the world:
Arvid Rosengren, Best Sommelier of the World 2016
Heidi Mäkinen MW, Best Sommelier of Finland
Pascaline Lepeltier, Best Sommelier of France

The jury members vote independently for the most exciting wine list representing the category. The jurys' votes are then added up to decide the finalists and the winners.

The winners in the international categories are all qualified to the international final of Star Wine List of the Year that will be held in June.

Read more about how we judge Star Wine List of the Year here.

Published 29-August-2022
News / Denmark

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