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About Vinbaren

The Wine Bar at the Britannia Hotel also functions as the main cellar of the hotel and is the beating (wine) heart for all its food and beverage outlets. With an intimate atmosphere, dimmed lights and feel-good vibes; this is heaven for any wine aficionado.

After being closed over summer in 2022, the new and upgraded interior features a custom-built red marble bar, thus setting the stage for Executive Head Bartender Øyvind Lindgjerdet and his lauded cocktails, all of which features wine in one way or the other. Dom Pérignon & Elderflower lemonade anyone?

Whether you want to sample wine by the glass or by the bottle, rest assured that the skilled staff will do their best to guide you. If you start to feel a bit peckish; fear not, the upstairs Brasserie offers a wine bar snack menu perfect for that glass, bottle or indeed, cocktail.

About the Vinbaren Wine List

With a wine list boasting more than 2.000 labels, there should be a bottle suited for just about anyone. The focus is predominantly on European wines, but they also strive to offer wines from most significant wine-producing countries, such as South Africa, Argentina, Australia and so on.

Highlights includes the most extensive Champagne selection in town, a good selection of mature bottles from a variety of origins and a vast selection of wines from the US.

(Henrik Dahl Jahnsen, former Wine Director at Britannia Hotel, is also Star Wine List's Trondheim ambassador, Editor's note)

Wine Tasting at Vinbaren

Pop that (legendary) Bottle every Friday

Great for

  • Big wine list
  • Bottles with age
  • Champagne
  • Drinks & a light bite

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    Fredrik Rabben
    Wine Bar Manager & Sommelier
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    Armin Begic

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