4 favourite wine bars in Trondheim 2024

Up for some glasses of wine and some simple food? Our ambassador Henrik Dahl Jahnsen guides you to some wine bars in Trondheim not to miss!

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  1. Phone: +47 957 11 020

    Address: Nedre Bakklandet 6, Trondheim

    This really is your casual neighbourhood go-to. With an inviting and homely atmosphere, feel free to pop by at any time of day and in any state of mind. Frequented by hipsters, sommeliers, chefs and artists alike, this is a place where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. Not only do they offer great wines, but they also offer a great selection of wine friendly snacks and small bites. Charcuterie and cheeses are sourced from near and far; if it's good, it gets on the menu! Or perhaps some delicious olives or preserves.

  2. Phone: +47 919 20 684

    Address: Øvre Bakklandet 66, Trondheim

    With a modest façade, Rive Gauche really is just “à droite” when you cross the bridge from the Trondheim city center. When you enter through the doors it is like stepping away from the Norwegian gloom and into the glamour of Paris. The menu is focused and well-created and you know that everything is going to taste great and exactly how it is supposed to. If you just want a quick bite on your way home from the office or on your way to the next stop of the evening, don't be shy; pop in and enjoy. With attentive and warm service; who knows, you might as well end up spending the evening after all....

  3. Phone: 919 14 912

    Address: Fjordgata 1, Trondheim

    Best Medium-sized List of the Year Norway, in cooperation with Norges Beste Vinkart 2023

    Spontan is one of those places where you just keep on coming back. Since its conception, this gem of a wine bar / wine restaurant has kept on evolving, bringing it to its present glory. After re-locating during Covid, their new and spacious venue offers an even better experience for their guests. Upon entering the premises, you arrive in the wine bar, an airy and casual environment with a small kitchen of its own, well more like a Chef’s Table really. Have a seat at the counter or one of the different sized tables and pick your poison. As wine bar grub goes, their selection is spot on, and...

  4. Phone: +47 73 80 08 00

    Address: Dronningens gate 5, Trondheim

    The Wine Bar at the Britannia Hotel also functions as the main cellar of the hotel and is the beating (wine) heart for all its food and beverage outlets. With an intimate atmosphere, dimmed lights and feel-good vibes; this is heaven for any wine aficionado. After being closed over summer in 2022, the new and upgraded interior features a custom-built red marble bar, thus setting the stage for Executive Head Bartender Øyvind Lindgjerdet and his lauded cocktails, all of which features wine in one way or the other. Dom Pérignon & Elderflower lemonade anyone? Whether you want to sample wine by th...