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Barcelona, Spain

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About Granja Elena

Granja Elena is one of those places you can't get enough of. It is located in a popular neighbourhood (that happens to be where I was raised). They have been open since 1974, therefore it is a spot that has seen different generations come and go. It's a modest place, just recently renovated, but only with the intention of updating the space a bit and offering some more tables. The decoration is simple; the essence is on the plate.

Two siblings are now in command: Borja in the kitchen and Patricia in the dining room, but behind there is a joint family effort. Authentic delicacies reside in its food menu, using top Spanish products, all transcend fashion. They also offer high-level breakfasts, and it is always extremely crowded. If you think about visiting them, book early, otherwise it will be impossible.

About the Granja Elena Wine List

This place has around 300 references of wine and more than 100 spirits references. The selection is very dynamic. They have chosen the electronic wine list format since it allows them to update vintages, change references or make changes easily.

The wine menu is varied, with a quite personal approach. Even though it's an eclectic selection, all wines share som factors: personal projects, wineries that really care about the quality of their wines, respectful viticulture and wines with character and personality. Patricia is very clear: Her task is to try to match each wine with a person.

Wine team

  • Patricia Sierra

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