Ferran Centelles' 15 wine bar favourites in Barcelona 2024

Renowned sommelier/wine writer Ferran Centelles shows us his favourite wine bars in Barcelona. Check out his guide!

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  1. Phone: +34 933 19 98 81

    Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 14, Barcelona

    The Can Cisa wine store on Calle Princesa opened as a family business in 1949. At the end of 2013, it passed into the hands of Max and Stefano Colombo, Joan Valencia and Joan Ramón Escoda, who converted the venue into what we now know as Bar Brutal. They have a very large and also well-trained staff; all of them wine connoisseurs. You might be attended by Víctor and David from Barcelona, but also Ben from Tel-Aviv, Valerio and Antonella from Italy, Elissa from Montreals, Dave from England or Carmen from Málaga. The food menu is not very long but defined by great quality. Fresh oysters, mar...

  2. Phone: +34 932 68 30 03

    Address: Carrer de Montcada, 2, Barcelona

    If you go to the Bar del Pla, first make sure you have a reservation and then prepare to enjoy one of the bars with the most history and energy in Barcelona. Located in the Born district, they offer (non-stop) a complete gastronomic experience: first for its quality product and second because you will feel part of the Barcelonian culture thanks to its atmosphere. They have been active for twelve years. Its cuisine is traditional Catalan with some creative hints: pork feet with foie gras, mushrooms with wasabi vinaigrette, beef tartare, squid with onions and croquettes are some of its main di...

  3. Phone: +34 932 17 43 38

    Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 192, Barcelona

    In Barcelona's Eixample Dret sector you will find this new generation tavern that is designed as the perfect setting to enjoy the best cuisine in the city. It is decorated with antique touches and a place with an extremely warm atmosphere. The quality of the produce and the food is always impeccable. Tapas and dishes are made in a simple way but with elegant presentations. Do not look for the menu, they have their offer distributed on blackboards on the walls, and the waiters will always tell you the dishes of the day. Grilled seafood, wild fish, montaditos, scallops – and don't miss their s...

  4. Phone: +34 933 87 76 45

    Address: Carrer de Blai, 53, Barcelona

    Denassus, literally ”be on your nose”, is a Catalan expression referring to something that is “really good”. This wine restaurant/bar launched in August 2019 and is owned and managed by Alejo Mailan and Sergi Ruiz. They both met while studying the sommelier program, but they also worked together at Bar del Pla, a magnificent wine bar in the Born district, and they dreamed about opening their own wine bar. Denassus is a lovely tiny restaurant, with a long bar and high tables. The terrace has a special soul. The venue is located in Poble Sec, a historic neighbourhood that still maintains narro...

  5. Phone: +34 933 68 36 12

    Address: Carrer dels Vigatans, 8, Barcelona

    L’Ànima del Vi opened its doors in 2013 after having closed its wine store in 2006, already specialised in natural wines. This is a charming place in the Born neighbourhood, bistro-style but with a casual touch that makes you feel in a good mood, with small marble tables, often even shared, and a charming atmosphere. Behind the bar and in the dining room, Benoît Valée and Núria Rodríguez make up a welcoming and magical couple. His food menu is very short, presented on a wooden mini-board, but all the dishes that come out of his small kitchen are exquisite. It is impossible not to choose a go...

  6. Phone: +34 933 10 33 79

    Address: Plaça de Santa Maria, 5, Barcelona

    A wine paradise just in front of La Catedral del Mar.

  7. Phone: +34 935 16 73 02

    Address: Plaça de Cardona, 4, Barcelona

    Monocrom, in the quiet corner of Plaza Cordona, opened in 2016, attempting to get away from the most commercial circuit of wine bars in Barcelona. They intended to open a small spot for the local audience of this refined neighbourhood. The food menu is short but very delicious and savoury. All the products are local and change continuously following the season. Their pasta (macaroni) is a must (don't be deceived by the simplicity of the dish). The sweet and sour veal sweetbreads are also a dish to die for. When you enter, you will find Janina and Xavi, the two siblings that own the place....

  8. Phone: +34 934 14 15 22

    Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 412, Barcelona

    Matos Bar de Vins & Enoteca occupies a classic boutique in the upper part of Barcelona (Sant Gervasi). The restaurant stands out for its careful and elegant decoration and a striking table with capacity for 20 people, ideal for sharing and tasting. They opened their doors in April 2015 intending to complement their activity as an importer and distributor of top wines. José Luis Matos, together with his daughters Anna and Claudia, manages a place that is a welcoming wine bar and shop. Its simple food menu is composed of delicatessen products: Cantabrian anchovies, smoked sardines from Casa Sa...

  9. Phone: +34 933 23 95 90

    Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 220, Barcelona

    Mont Bar is a top bar-restaurant that opened in March 2013. It has been one of Barcelona’s benchmarks for a decade, and always offers products of the highest quality. The name of the restaurant, Mont Bar, comes from the name of the small mountain Mont in Vielha, where Iván Castro has part of his hotel-dedicated family. Ivan's original idea was to choose that place because he wanted the products that were produced on the Mont farm to form part of the Mont Bar selection, pure romanticism. Currently they work with more than 250 references. It is impossible to get bored, and they even change th...

  10. Phone: +34 676 64 37 85

    Address: Carrer de Violant d'Hongria Reina d'Aragó, 150, Barcelona

    Macot is a charming and elegant wine bar in the Sants neighbourhood. It opened in March 2018, and then in 2020 closed for a year due to pandemic restrictions. In November 2022 they reopened their doors with more energy than ever. "Els Macos" or "Macots" are the names by which the family of the owner's grandmother, Rosita, was known in Batea (Terra Alta, Tarragona). The family also has a wine project named La Furtiva in Terra Alta. Recovering the name was a way of honouring and linking the project to his origins. They currently have a wine list of more than 150 references, but in total they w...

  11. Phone: +34 936 11 18 85

    Address: Carrer d'Aribau, 41, Barcelona

    Pepa Bar a Vins reopened its doors in October 2020 with a very daring team. They work with approximately 140 references: from Catalonia, the rest of Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Australia or Chile just to name some of the origins of their wine list. This menu changes very often, but, to be honest, less often than they would like considering this restless team who spend part of their day trying to make new discoveries. The intention of all their choices is very clear: they choose all those wines that they love and that they would also love to share with their friends and the people th...

  12. Phone: 932 37 69 98

    Address: Carrer de Còrsega, 232, Barcelona

    Palo Verde is on that list of restaurants that opened just before the moment when we all had to stay at home. In February 2020, Andrés Bluth's restaurant was born with the intention of returning to the ancestral way: low-tech cooking, fire and charcoal and a search for the primitive heritage. The essence of the product is paramount and if it can be in a brochette format, so much the better. This is the key point to get into the name of the restaurant: palo because of the brochette theme and verde because in Uruguay, Andrés' country of origin, it is the most common name for dollars. Palo Verde...

  13. Phone: +34 937 14 73 93

    Address: Carrer de Casanova, 134, Barcelona

    Best Short List of the Year International Open 2024

    Of the wave of exquisite places that have opened in Barcelona, Suru is one of the most recent. It opened in December 2022 and with a very special name. In Catalan, “suro” means cork. In Japanese, it is a conjugation of the verb “to make”, but it also has a sensual connotation if used without conjugation. They have about 100 references on the menu, but as they love dynamic menus, they try to change many of them on a weekly basis. They love tasting the wines they have available to see how they are evolving and thus having a complete mastery of everything they store in the cellar. This way of w...

  14. Phone: +34 938 58 37 60

    Address: Carrer d'Aribau, 143, local 1, Barcelona

    Torpedo opened its doors in December 2018. While its name carries several funny connotations for its creators, for the moment they’re letting us play with our inventiveness and come to our own explosive conclusions. Although they have almost always 75 references available, two or three change every week and their idea is to always have a short but dynamic menu. They decided not to introduce too many references in order to rotate a little more, and thus make every visit more entertaining. The menu has two different parts: the first one where we find wines that are closer to us because of thei...

  15. Phone: +34 932 84 42 02

    Address: Carrer de les Guilleries, 10, Barcelona

    In a charming street in Gràcia, Carrer Guilleries, there is a charming wine temple which opened its doors in 2008. Small, with very careful attention to detail and a totally white decoration, it invites us to enter through the door because to discover is its motto. Its name leaves no room for doubt: ‘vi’ is ‘wine’ in Catalan, and it plays with the concept of a library, which is the translation for “biblioteca”. It is a place where wine and cheeses are kept in order and classified, just as in a library. Instead of having books, however, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy authentic offerin...