L'Ànima del Vi

Wine Bar

Barcelona, Spain

About L'Ànima del Vi

L’Ànima del Vi opened its doors in 2013 after having closed its wine store in 2006, already specialised in natural wines. This is a charming place in the Born neighbourhood, bistro-style but with a casual touch that makes you feel in a good mood, with small marble tables, often even shared, and a charming atmosphere.

Behind the bar and in the dining room, Benoît Valée and Núria Rodríguez make up a welcoming and magical couple. His food menu is very short, presented on a wooden mini-board, but all the dishes that come out of his small kitchen are exquisite. It is impossible not to choose a goose rillette and some oysters, but they always have dishes of the day and off the menu, so just ask for them.

About the L'Ànima del Vi Wine List

They define their wine list as unordered because you really won't find any listings. The walls of the place are full of bottles, all marked with the price so you can order them or even buy and drink them at home (perfect takeaway). It is a relevant wine list, with more than 400 references. The knowledge the staff has and shares about natural wines has no comparison.

They define themselves with the French concept ”caviste-bar indépendant”, which means they buy all the wines directly from the winegrowers. The staff knows every name behind every bottle, every vine that the wines come from, and they are very demanding in their choice: they search for respectful viticulture (certified or not) and for wines without additives and with a minimalist philosophy.

This place has remained independent and away from the current trends. The goal here is natural wine to enjoy in a charming place without pretensions.

Great for

  • Natural wines

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