Eatanic Garden

Fine Dining Restaurant

Seoul, South Korea

About Eatanic Garden

Like a botanical garden that showcases the most beautiful aspects of plants through in-depth research, Eatanic Garden is a restaurant that explores the history, ingredients, cooking techniques, and harmonious integration of Korean culinary culture into a global culinary approach.

The ultimate goal of Eatanic Garden is to blend nature and humanity seamlessly, much like the philosophy contained in a bottle of wine. With a collection of over 1,000 different labels, carefully curated to align with seasons, the team proudly presents 200 exceptional and memorable wines. When it comes to wine pairing, there is no hesitation in proclaiming it as one of the best in Korea.

(Star Wine List's ambassador Nathan Kim also works as executive Sommelier for Josun Hotel & Resorts, of which Eatanic Garden is a part, Editor's note.)

Eatanic Garden awards

  • 1 Michelin Star 1 Michelin Star

Wine team

  • KD
    Kim, Da-Som

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