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Casual Dining Restaurant

Seoul, South Korea

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About Restaurant Vinho

Vinho, a name derived from the fusion of “Vin” (from the chef’s name, Seong-Bin) and “Ho” (from Somm’s name, Jin-Ho), is not just a brand but a reflection of their passion for all things wine. With a strong emphasis on food and wine pairing, they dedicate an extensive effort to wine-pairing menus, offering a dedicated moment where you can immerse yourself entirely in the world of culinary delights and wines.

During the night, Vinho transforms into a wine bar concept, offering a diverse selection of wines sourced from renowned producers across the globe. You can also savour simple yet delightful à la carte dishes expertly paired with wines.

At Vinho, you can enjoy wine in an inviting and relaxed setting without the weight of huge costs.

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