Domaine Cheong Dam

Wine Bar

Seoul, South Korea

Domaine Cheong Dam Wine List

About Domaine Cheong Dam

Domaine Cheong-Dam, an establishment that encapsulates the charm of France, is a modern reinterpretation of French wine and cuisine. This venue offers a space where you can savour high-quality wines and exquisite dishes prepared by a professional team delivering a unique experience to its guests.

The first-floor bar is adorned with natural red marble ‘Rosso Revanto,’ creating an elegant ambience with the intense hues of red wine. The second floor is designed to provide a more private setting, with each table and room tailored to evoke the ambience of wine regions such as Chablis, Burgundy, and Bordeaux, corresponding to the wines they produce.

Additionally, situated in the heart of Cheong-Dam Hills, this is a fantastic place for bar hopping and enjoying the nightlife in the Gang-Nam area. If you’re looking for a hip and young & rich vibe, yet desire a sophisticated wine bar experience, this would be an excellent choice.

Wine team

  • Kim, Jin-Pyo
    Manager & Head Sommelier

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