Palo Verde

Restaurant, Wine Bar

Barcelona, Spain

About Palo Verde

Palo Verde is on that list of restaurants that opened just before the moment when we all had to stay at home. In February 2020, Andrés Bluth's restaurant was born with the intention of returning to the ancestral way: low-tech cooking, fire and charcoal and a search for the primitive heritage. The essence of the product is paramount and if it can be in a brochette format, so much the better.

This is the key point to get into the name of the restaurant: palo because of the brochette theme and verde because in Uruguay, Andrés' country of origin, it is the most common name for dollars. Palo Verde colloquially means having a million dollars.

Although the restaurant started out with few wine references, Dani Luque soon joined the team as sommelier and took on the task of outlining a wine menu in line with the dishes. They currently have 200 references, but the best option is to let yourself go and accept Dani's recommendations. The wines change, but they are always from small producers with sensitivity, affection and respect for what they are doing.

Good food, good wine, good atmosphere, good service, great attention to detail and a friendly service. This is the essence of Palo Verde. If you visit them, be sure to order some of their classics: roasted red peppers, duck tsukune, maitake, lemon gnocchi or pig's ear with mustard. To pair with them, let yourself go in their hands, but if you order a bottle of Gregory Guillaume's Abracadaboum, you'll win their hearts with the gift of an unexpected surprise.

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