Les Clefs de Crystal

Wine Bar

Seoul, South Korea

About Les Clefs de Crystal

​Les Clefs de Crystal is a wine bar in Chungdam, run by the importing group Crystal. All employees are sommeliers, making it a very professional bar; they take great care of the details such as glasses, and pride themselves to be serving “wine connoisseurs”.

The bar used to be membership-only but then opened up for public and became more casual, keeping a lounge section for its members. People come to Les Clefs de Crystal especially for the side dishes such as sashimi and pasta, making it a great spot for the last round of the night.

About the Les Clefs de Crystal Wine List

​The wine list is classic and extensive. A few pages of the list is dedicated to Bourgogne and Bordeaux only, but it also has wines from less classic regions such as Oregon The group organises its monthly wine tastings here.


One bottle can be brought in based on 750ml, and 100,000 won of corkage will be charged. Membership is set by a different standard.

Wine team

  • WJ
    Woonkyung Jang
    Head Sommelier

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