Wine Bar

Seoul, South Korea

About Gorae

Gorae is permanently closed.

Gorae is a natural wine bar in Jayang-dong in Seoul with a very particular concept: You pay a basic price for everything from wine to chopsticks and dishes, and then for the time you spend in the place.

You can bring your own wine and food, and the starting price for a bottle is low compared to other places in Seoul. Gorae opened in 2019 and is the most progressive initiative in the wine scene in Seoul right now. It has been controversial within the industry, but it is very popular, especially among younger people and women. The interior is simple, with barely any decoration.

About the Gorae Wine List

If you buy a bottle of inexpensive wine and stay a couple of hours, the total price will be as high as regular Seoul prices. So the trick is to drink a bottle quickly and get out.

Great for

  • Natural wines
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