New listings in Greece – and a Santorini guide

Lycabettus, Santorini.
Andreas Grube
Published 02-September-2021

The guide to the best wine spots in Athens is already on the Star Wine List map. Now we add a bunch of venues outside of Athens to the list – and a special guide with four venues on Santorini.

”The wine scene on the Greek islands has shown great improvement, excluding, of course, luxury destinations like Mykonos and Santorini, who have had a lot of venues with sommeliers and good wine lists for some time now. Now we see restaurants on islands like Crete, for example, looking to improve their wine programs,” says Aris Sklavenitis, Star Wine List’s ambassador in Greece and the sommelier who, together with Eleftherios Hanialidis, has created the guide.

”We hope that in the next few years, other regions in Greece will follow this example,” he continues.

All in all, we are adding nine new venues venues to the Greek wine guide. Apart from Santorini, Mykonos, Lefkada, Crete and Thessaloniki are all on the map.

Star Wine List’s ambassador Aris Sklavenitis.

Aris Sklavenitis says that there were very few venues on the islands that had remarkable wine lists and even fewer who had a sommelier on the floor five years ago.

”Nowadays, a lot of seasonal restaurants are looking to invest in hiring a wine professional and can’t find one since there are too few sommeliers to cover the demand.”

How is the wine scene on the islands different from Athens?
”Of course, there are differences, considering the location of the venue most of the time. For example, the lists on the island of Santorini have to focus on the local wine scene, and the lists on Mykonos must have a wide selection of high-end fine wines. There are many more ’alternative’ and diverse lists in Athens since the venues are open all year round and must update their selection more often to intrigue their customers.”

Of course we have a lot of wine lists to these places, so you can search for your favorite wines and see where they are listed.

Check out the guide to Santorini here!

The other top selections:
Thessaloniki: Blé Vin
Mykonos: Nōema and Scorpios
Crete: Salis
Lefkada: Thymari

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