Via Allegro


Toronto, Canada

About Via Allegro

This modern Italian restaurant is tucked away in Etobicoke but is well worth the trip. Via Allegro features contemporary Italian fare and boasts both a Wine Spectator Grand Award and the Whisky Supreme award from Whisky Magazine.

With selections from iconic producers going back to the 1890s, wine lovers are in for a real treat, and their guests will need to chat amongst themselves while the wine is being selected. Unsurprisingly, the Tuscan, Piedmontese and Venetian sections are robust, with strong nods to the Northern Rhône, California, and Bordeaux.

Heather McDougall
By Heather McDougall

Great for

  • Bottles with age
  • By the glass
  • Californian wines
  • French wines
  • Italian
  • Italian wines
  • Local Wines
  • Outdoor seating
  • Piedmont
  • Tuscany

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