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Muzealna is a second concept of AleWino owners. It is located in the National Museum building in Warsaw, in the very central part of the city. Modern interior is smartly applied to the monumental architecture of the building. Very roomy with a fantastic outside space with trees and flowers. It is a Polish cuisine bistro but more noble or elegant, still cosy and comfortable. Besides dishes like rabbit or wild birds, you regularly can get classic Polish food, made from the finest products, often from local farms.

The wine list is ambitious, focused on small producers, and carefully chosen so you can easily get an idea about the style of a particular winemaker. It is mostly organic and biodynamic producers, often expressing minerality and being fun to drink. You can find wines from producers such as Ruppert-Leroy, Filipa Pato and Testalonga, but also wines from countries like Hungary. New World is represented by producers like Badenhorst, Lioco or Matthiasson. There is also a strong representation of Polish wineries.

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