Top 13 wine places in Warsaw 2023

In just a few years, the wine scene in the Polish capital Warsaw has grown tremendously. Today, you'll find both casual natural wine bars and fine dining in the city. Here's the wine lover's guide to the wine bars and wine restaurants not to miss in town!​

  1. Phone: +48 22 628 38 30

    Address: Mokotowska 48, Warszawa

    ​Ale Wino opened in 2013 and is located at 48 Mokotowska street, just one block away from the Down Town district in Warsaw. What is beautiful about it, is that you feel far away from the busy area; to come to Mokotowska street, you need to go through a gate, take an extra turn before entering the probably most charming bistro patio in Warsaw. From there you can find the entrance to Ale Wino. The food is simple and tasty, just as it should be at a top bistro like this. Cold and hot starters, main courses, a few desserts, homemade cold cuts, and some extraordinary homemade bread – just everyth...

  2. Phone: +48 22 628 04 45

    Address: Wiślana 8, Warszawa

    Bez Gwiazdek is a small restaurant that serves a six-course tasting menu for dinner and a lunch menu Wednesday through Friday. Head Chef Robert Trzópek is a talented chef who has worked at several top restaurants in Europe, like Le Manoir aux Quat ‘Saisons, El Bulli and Noma. He uses local ingredients, and the menu changes every month. Every month is about one Polish region – a way to show the diversity and beauty of the local cuisine. The restaurant only has a few tables, which makes it intimate and cosy, and you can also get a glance of the chefs working in the semi-open kitchen. During sum...

  3. Phone: +48 502 770 303

    Address: Nowogrodzka 10, Warszawa

    Bibenda is one of the most famous veggie-focused venues in Warsaw. Located in the city centre, it is a perfect spot to start, step by or finish your evening. Bibenda offers a cosy ambience; you can sit at the bar, get a table in one of two rooms (one with a view over Nowogrodzka street) or at the comfortable patio – it works all year round. The food menu offers lots of plant-based dishes, rich and tasteful. There is some meat as well, but most of the menu is vegetables. There are no categories for food, you order, and they bring what is ready. For a long time, the main reasons to go there we...

  4. Phone: +48 692 887 234

    Address: Rozbrat 44A, Warszawa

    ​Dyletanci opened in 2016 and started as a neo-bistro, wine bar and wine shop. It is located at Rozbrat street in the Powiśle district, an area with a lot of parks, bars and bistros around – it is also close to the city centre, about 10 minutes walking. Head Chef Rafał Hreczaniuk has 20 years of experience in fine dining venues, including some Michelin star restaurants in Dublin, Ireland. The concept is casual fine dining with a cosy ambience, and the restaurant also offers a lunch menu during weekdays. During all day, à la carte is available, and from 17:30 you can also get the tasting menu...

  5. Phone: +48 666 11 55 66

    Address: Ossolińskich 3, Warszawa

    ​There is something magical about Warsaw’s Krakowskie Przedmieście, the main touristic track, with old buildings with monumental architecture, bars, hotels, cultural institutions. For very long, there was no fine dining place with a wine list worth mentioning here, but now there is! Epoka, located in the 19th-century neo-Renaissance-style palace, opened in 2019 and its interior has been designed by Boris Kudlička, world-famous designer of theatre and opera sets, events and architectural spaces. Epoka's menu is based on old Polish recipes, but with a modern interpretation and very detailed pr...

  6. Phone: +48 501 764 674

    Address: Próżna 12, Warszawa

    ​Kieliszki na Próżnej means “Glasses on Próżna street”, and is a wine bar created by Beata Gawęda (Vini e Affini wine import) and her husband, Daniel Pawełek (owner of a few restaurants in Warsaw). The food menu is relatively short and based on Polish ingredients. ​You can have beef tartar (one of the best in Warsaw), Polish fish dishes or a selection of Polish cheeses. The food is on a high level in terms of product quality and technic. Small size dishes encourage you to taste different things.

  7. Phone: +48 667 700 518

    Address: Sandomierska 13, Warszawa

    Kontakt is a project showing all the fun you would expect from wine bars in Paris, Berlin or Copenhagen. It is a space with comfort, well-executed food and a great, progressive wine list. Kontakt is located in the Mokotów district in Warsaw, not far from downtown. It is very casual but with huge attention to detail, bistro-style dishes with attractive plating – and a sommelier team (run by Master Sommelier Piotr Pietras) that seem to get your point right away. There are two main areas; the bistro and the underground space with a casual bar serving natural wines. They also have a big room for...

  8. Phone: +48 22 439 05 00

    Address: Czerska 12, Warszawa

    Mielżyński na Czerskiej is the second wine bar of Robert Mielżyński in Warsaw, located in the Mokotów district. It's not a big place; only around 15 tables with a view over the open kitchen. The whole venue looks a bit like a warehouse, and the wines on the shelves take up around 30% of all space. There are a​ few wine guys working here, but to get details about the wine, you need to google it yourself, though correct serving temperature and decent service are provided. There is also a short food menu, where a piece of cheese would be my best recommendation.

  9. Phone: +48 22 636 87 09

    Address: Burakowska 5-7, Warszawa

    Mielżyński na Burakowskiej has a strong position among wine drinkers in Warsaw. It's one of the first true wine venues in the city, located in the Wola district of Warsaw, close to the famous Powązki cemetery. For 6-7 months a year, you can sit in the garden patio and totally forget you are in the big city. Inside there is a huge space for wine, organized like a warehouse. It matches the rest of the interior, with wooden tables and red brick walls. Always crowded, Mielżyński offers some snacks and simple dishes,​ but they are better known for the wine.

  10. Phone: +48 690 125 270

    Address: Rozbrat 20, Warszawa

    ​Rozbrat 20, named after its address, is located in the Powiśle district and the restaurant has a great view of the big green park. The Legia football stadium is just a few minutes away from there too. Rozbrat 20 is run by experienced chef Bartosz Szymczak, and here you can choose either à la carte or a tasting menu – 6 or 8 courses. The year is divided into 6 seasons to show the most important products throughout the year. Rozbrat 20 is open for lunch, with a special lunch menu. The presentation of the food is spotless, everything is light and very natural. Rozbrat 20 is one of the top Wars...

  11. Phone: +48 783 196 892

    Address: Wilcza 27, Warszawa

    Rausz – meaning dizziness and excitement – is a wine shop and wine bar with easy-drinking, relatively low budget wines. It is tough to offer great producers and good-quality wine at low prices, but that’s what Rausz is about. It is located in the city centre and is open late, so it is the perfect spot for the last wine stop. It is the kind of place you can go to wearing a bathrobe and everyone is cool about it. You can always get some cheese, bread, sardines and charcuteries to go with the wine. The wines are classic and funky, mainly from Europe with smaller producers from Piemonte, Beauj...

  12. Phone: +48 22 310 73 71

    Address: Bracka 9, Warszawa

    ​​Vinoteka 13 is one of the concepts of the Likus family’s hospitality empire. It is located on the 4th floor of Vitkac – an exclusive shopping mall with space for art. Here on the 4th floor, you’ll find a few shops and the food & wine department, with the venues Delikatessen, Bar and Vinoteka 13. You can order a bottle of wine from Vinoteka 13 in all the spaces. The building and the interior feels monumental and minimalistic at the same time. On the 5th floor, you’ll find the restaurant “Concept 13”, and if you order anything from the menu on the 4th floor, food will be prepared in the huge...

  13. Phone: +48 22 515 72 66

    Address: Targowa 81/106, Warszawa

    Źródło is probably the first real natural wine place in Warsaw; not the first to serve natural wines but the first one consequently showing diversity and focus. No compromises, all top producers from the natural wine movement. It is located in Praga Północ (North Praga), a district you can compare to Neukölln in Berlin – open-minded, artisanal and "dodgy". But don't worry, it is a super cosy, dynamic and fun area! Źródło is a very casual, garden-like place with a lot of plants, old school crockeries and natural light – yep, huge windows! The food menu focuses on interpretations of classic poli...