Le Braci

Casual Dining Restaurant

Warsaw, Poland

Le Braci Wine List

About Le Braci

Le Braci opened just a few years ago and it's a beautifully designed Italian restaurant. Fantastic executed Italian cuisine with the finest ingredients clearly shows what Italian cooking is about - simplicity and a lot of flavour! The Interior is superb with attention to detail. You can feel cosy from the very beginning also because the team is professional, friendly and engaged. It is about hospitality and dining as an experience. When you are there it will probably be easy to notice that some guests are more friends than customers, that they come for food and wine but also for people that work there.

The wine list is about Italy. The selection is extensive, diverse, and quality-focused with some extraordinary producers, many represented by a full range of wines (also with a few vintages). From other countries, you can find hot names from the Rhone Valley, Alsace and Burgundy, to just name a few.

It is worth noting that Le Braci works closely with Polish wineries and the selection is diverse and quite complete. Do not hesitate to ask the team about anything you want to know, they are friends with all Polish winemakers and they are aware of all the details behind every wine.

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  • Italian

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