Maison Pic

Restaurant, Hotel

Valence, France

Maison Pic Wine List

About Maison Pic

This was one of the best dinner experiences I've had in my life, if not the best. OK, there, I've said it.

Maison Pic is the flagship of the Pic empire, stretching as far away as Singapore and London. The main Maison sits on a Valence street, not far from the Pic, l’épicierie, and Scook, the kitchen utensils shop and kitchen where a group of friends are learning cooking together at the time of our visit. We are clearly in the land of Pic. At the Maison itself, you can turn left and enter the bistro Andre. Or you can turn right and enter Wonderland.

I won't give away any spoilers about the milieu; it's enough to say that you are entering an alternative reality. For a few hours, you'll be in a different world, a better one. Innovative and delicious cuisine. Perfect and warm service, correct but not at all what you might fear from a French three-star. Here the odd Japanese foodie sits a table away from a local family celebration.

The wine list is filled with great wines from both grand and humble appellations. Our sommelier notes that most visitors go for local wines, just like we do, but there is plenty to choose from elsewhere in France and abroad. And with a gift to wine lovers: The prices are very reasonable.

We are already dreaming of going back.

Maison Pic awards

  • 3 Michelin Stars 3 Michelin Stars

Wine team

  • Paz Levinson
    Executive Head Sommelier
  • EG
    Edmond Gasser
    Head Sommelier
  • DP
    Dominique Peretti
    Assistant Head Sommelier
  • EC
    Edwin Cochet
  • AF
    Anne-Laure Flamand
    Commis Sommelier
  • MV
    Mariela Vieytes
    Commis Sommelier
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