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Adelaide, Australia

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About Fú Cocktail & Wine Bar

Fú Cocktail & Wine Bar is a toast to exceptional craftsmanship and shared stories where every sip is an ode to the artistry of talented producers celebrating those who consistently deliver phenomenal quality, be they small, independent winemakers or well-known big guns of the industry. The philosophy is simple yet profound and excellence knows no bounds of a diverse showcase.

A list very well curated showcasing a diverse range of beverages, handpicked by sommelier & owner couple, Geoff and Eva. The offering is splendid in terms of variety that caters to every palate and Geoff is more of a storyteller sharing narratives of esteemed producers that patrons cherish. Don't shy away from asking for back vintages or specials as there is always something out that will surprise you. For aficionados seeking nuances of small-batch vintages or indulging in classic favourites, the quality remains unwavering.

As the name suggests Geoff is an amazing mixologist too, stirring every drink with passion and dedication while Eva is busy feeding you home-cooked styled food that's just perfect for a wine bar in North Adelaide.

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    Geoffrey Hunt

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