Cooper Wine Bar

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Cape Town, South Africa

About Cooper Wine Bar

Cooper Wine Bar on Parliament Street in Cape Town is a haven for wine enthusiasts, being an extension of Johannesburg’s renowned Mr. Pants. This quaint wine bar has become a rendezvous for those who appreciate the finer details in a glass of wine, providing an exclusive selection of both international and local wines. With a curated menu by Shayne Holt, one of South Africa's premier wine tasters and the owner of the bar, each visit to Cooper Wine Bar is a journey through exquisite tastes and fine vintages.

The establishment, nestled among culinary landmarks like FYN and Ramenhead restaurants, not only offers a stellar wine selection but also complements the experience with a variety of light snacks, making it a perfect spot for either a pre-dinner visit or a relaxed evening of wine exploration. Additionally, they encourage patrons to order food from many of the local dining establishments, amplifying the culinary experience. The intimate and cozy ambience of Cooper Wine Bar encapsulates the charm of Cape Town’s vibrant wine culture.

Shayne Holt's expertise and meticulous hand in selecting each wine ensures a superior tasting experience, offering a unique opportunity to explore the global wine landscape without leaving your seat. The convenience of its location opposite popular dining venues, along with the flexibility of bringing in outside food, encourages a culture of popping in for a glass or two before continuing the night at a nearby restaurant. Alternatively, patrons may find themselves spending an entire evening at Cooper, enticed by the delightful wine selection and the warm, inviting atmosphere. The Cooper Wine Bar is a proud exhibit of South Africa’s rich wine heritage and a testament to the fine wine culture of Cape Town.

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