The 20 top searched wines on Star Wine List 2020

(Domaine Bizot)
Krister Bengtsson
Published 05-January-2021

Thousands of wine searches are made on Star Wine List every month and we have hundreds of the world's best wine lists to search through. We've added up the numbers from 2020: Tiny Burgundy producer Domaine Bizot is the most searched wine.

Domaine Bizot may not be the most famous wine producer in Burgundy but it's clear that the small domain has a strong following among the wine lovers and professionals that use Star Wine List. With only about 3.5 hectares and a production of around 10,000 bottles, it comes out on top of all the wine searches on Star Wine List during 2020.

Award-winning restaurant PM & Vänner in Växjö, Sweden, is one of the venues that list Domaine Bizot’s wines. Wine Director Rubén Sanz Ramiro is not very surprised by the popularity of Bizot on Star Wine List.

”The wines are very good, very pretty, and they are made in very small quantities. It’s also a domaine that you don’t see often. It has a cult following and the prices are rising.”

Burgundy has been on the rise for a number of years, but Domaine Bizot is not yet a household name among guests at PM & Vänner.

Rubén Sanz Ramiro.

”It’s not the most popular of our Burgundies. Out of the top list of the most searched wines, Comte Liger Belair is the most popular producer in Burgundy among our guests and is probably the Domaine in Burgundy we sell the most in the upper tier. It has been remarkable the rise of this Domaine, but we will see how the guests reacts as prices keep increasing considerably,” says Sanz Ramiro.

It is a good idea to use Star Wine List to find Domaine Bizot and others like it. Small cult domaines are usually very hard to find in retail. In fact, there are only 14 Bizot offers in wine shops around the world today according to Wine Searcher.

If you check on Star Wine List - you can find 97 listings of Domaine Bizot in 38 restaurants on several continents.

The top 20 for 2020:

  1. Domaine Bizot, Burgundy
  2. DRC, Burgundy
  3. Clos Rougeard, Loire
  4. Raveneau, Chablis
  5. Comte Liger-Belair*, Burgundy

  6. Overnoy*, Jura

  7. Selosse, Champagne
  8. Arnaud Ente, Burgundy
  9. Domaine des Miroirs, Jura
  10. Chateau Palmer, Bordeaux

France dominates the top 10 with a mix of cult producers like Clos Rougeard and famous names like Chateau Palmer and DRC. Chateau Palmer, which we featured in September, is the only Bordeaux estate in the top 20 searches.

  1. Coche-Dury, Burgundy
  2. Domaine/Maison Leroy, Burgundy
  3. Krug, Champagne
  4. Mugneret Gibourg, Burgundy
  5. Rinaldi*, Piedmont

  6. Domaine Roulot, Burgundy

  7. Ganevat, Jura
  8. Krásná Hora, Czech Republic
  9. Prieuré Roch, Burgundy
  10. Gaja, Piedmont

France keeps a grip on the 11-20 list too but at least there are two Italian producers and interestingly enough a Czech one: Krásná Hora with 34 hits in our wine lists currently.

Check out your favorite wines through our search engine here, happy hunting!

*Liger-Belair and Rinaldi (and others) can mean searches for different producers. Where possible we have separated and grouped searches to the producer that is most likely searched for.

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