8 great wine bars and restaurants in Brussels 2022

Thanks to its many international instances, Brussels is an eclectic city, also when it comes to wine and restaurants. Here, Star Wine List's ambassador Antoine Lehebel, sommelier and wine importer, has selected his favourite wine spots in the city – check out the guide!

  1. Moët Hennessy

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  2. Phone: +32 2 425 73 60

    Address: Boulevard d'Ypres 33, Bruxelles

    This place is about simplicity and high quality, both on the plate and in the glass. The interior is kind of rough, but you feel that a lot of love and passion has been put into the fantastic dishes and the no-less fantastic wines to pair them. Their idea is to work with a short supply chain and producers as much as possible to highlight the best Belgium has to offer in terms of food. The owners, Greg and Barbara, have had experiences in some of the best gastronomic restaurants in the country and put their efforts into what matters most: quality in the plate, the glass and the service. They...

  3. Phone: +32 2 343 45 23

    Address: Rue du Doyenné 87, Uccle

    This is the place to go when in love (or waiting to fall in love) with anything Italian. With a simple setting and a comfy atmosphere, this Italian restaurant is a must in Brussels. You will find two different rooms, one where you can grasp some typical Italian bites of the highest quality, followed by the “pasta of the day”, and the other where you will have more of a full-blown Italian meal with primi, secondi and all. Their speciality is the pasta Rigatoni Salsiccia e Limone. Still, I have never been disappointed by any of their dishes, so trust the whole team to look after you in the best...

  4. Phone: +32 2 644 64 11

    Address: Avenue Louise 326, Bruxelles

    Even though they moved not so long ago, the feeling is still the same: this is what a proper wine bar should be! The choice of wine is extensive, well chosen and will suit every budget plus it is changing on a regular basis so you can never really get bored, even though you go there on a very regular basis. Their new sommelier Giuseppe is currently working on adding beautiful Italian wines to the already extensive list. The place is rather big and can feel loud and crowded but I am not going there to be calm and quiet, I want atmosphere, fun and plenty of people enjoying wine around. This is...

  5. Phone: +32 2 374 31 63

    Address: Avenue du Vivier d'Oie 75, Bruxelles

    This is one of the most famous restaurant in Belgium since the end of WWII and has a long history and influence in the Belgian gastronomic scene. The past ten years have seen a real revival of the restaurant, and lately it has been completely (magnificently) revamped. Plus, Yves Mattagne (former 2 stars at the Sea Grill) has taken over the kitchen and offers high gastronomic pleasure in terrific surroundings… Both the wine list of the Villa and the former Sea Grill have been jointed, and that creates one of the most impressive list in the country: around 2000 references of wines all over the w...

  6. Phone: +32 2 512 68 91

    Address: Place de la Chapelle 5, Bruxelles

    Located right at the bottom of the Sablon, one of the most central part of old Brussels, what strikes you first is the typical, out of time decoration, very “art nouveau” with old polished wood, a beautiful bar and dimmed lights. It feels good during our cold and grey Belgian winters, and it feels like a jump back in times the rest of the year. The food is typical, classical and sometimes plain old fashion but everything is cooked perfectly and homemade. Personally I go there for the amazingly good “Vol-au-vent”, and at the right season for the “Zenne pot”, THE signature dish of Dirk Myny, wh...

  7. Phone: +32 2 534 64 34

    Address: Rue Africaine 31, Saint-Gilles

    At first sight it does not look like any wine bar you have come across in you life: pink lights, wooden panels etc… you’d rather expect a trendy shoe/clothes shop but it is one of the sexiest wine bars in the neighborhood. The wine selection is precise, mainly French and at fair prices, and the food is typical wine bar with boards of good cheeses and charcuteries. Located in one of the trendiest area of Brussels, the wine bar attracts a clientele wanting to enjoy simple pleasures in life, and I love going there for the top selection of wines, which is changing often so you always have somethi...

  8. Phone: +32 2 512 98 30

    Address: Chaussée de Wavre 167A, Ixelles

    Vivien, Baptiste and the whole team at Titulus have made a great reputation for themselves in Brussels for being one of the finest importers of carefully chosen wines and producers, mainly from France but also with the likes of Jason Ligas in Greece plus a beautiful selection of eaux-de-vie from Laurent Cazottes. To be honest, this is more of a wine shop but a couple of tables in the background are a clue to the fact that they also serve some food. So I love to go there, share a couple of plates with friends and playing around to test some wine pairings. Moreover, Vivien is a big fan of Saké...

  9. Phone: +32 2 503 62 59

    Address: Rue Haute 198, Bruxelles

    In one of the busiest street in the area of Les Marolles, you would easily walk past it without noticing it. But this is the kind of place to keep in mind, and the kind of place where you would never go wrong. It is one of my favourite addresses because it is like a warm bistro, with efficient service and good bistro food, made with the freshest of ingredients. But overall I love to go there for the short but exciting wine list. No effort of presentation, it is a plain excel sheet but where else can you find some older vintages of Jura, plus other gems. Vincent Thomaes, after years of work...