Savoy won Best Austrian Wine List in Finland

Savoy won Best Austrian Wine List, presented by Austrian Wine. From left to right: Heidi Mäkinen (jury member), Aku Reunanen and Santeri Lankinen (Savoy) and Krister Bengtsson (Star Wine List). Photo by Teemu Reunila
Andreas Grube
Published 15-April-2024
News / Finland

Savoy in Helsinki won the category Best Austrian Wine List when Star Wine List returned to Finland to celebrate the best wine lists and the teams behind them for the fifth time on April 15. The category was presented by Austrian Wine. Savoy also won a Gold Star for Best Long List.

”We like to keep our Austrian selection quite simple but good coverage of the regions and producers. And what is great with Austria is that you have availability of back vintages that you can actually buy and serve by the glass," said Santeri Lankinen, sommelier at Savoy.

"We chose to recognize this wine list as the best Austrian selection due to its inclusion of top classic producers, picturesque regions, and outstanding vintages," said jury member Salvatore Castano, Best Sommelier of Europe & Africa 2021, about Savoy’s winning list.

The Silver Star winners in the Austrian category were:
BasBas Kulma, Helsinki
Grape Wine Bar, Helsinki
Minne Champagne & Wine, Helsinki
Palace, Helsinki
Restaurant Grön, Helsinki
Restaurant Muru, Helsinki
Sekel Bar & Restaurant, Helsinki

Finland is included to our 2023-2024 International tour, and this was the fifth time we were running it in Finland. The event was held in Helsinki, together with the Finnish Sommelier Championship. The winners in Finland will qualify for the International Final in Stockholm in June.

"The wine scene in Finland is small but it is dynamic and it is great to see the development of the finalists this year," said Krister Bengtsson, founder and publisher.


The jury of our Finnish awards is filled with top international sommeliers and wine experts:

• Kathrine Larsen-Robert, Master Sommelier
• Heidi Mäkinen, Master of Wine
• Salvatore Castano MS, Best Sommelier of Europe & Africa 2021 (ASI)
• Julie Dupouy-Young, several times named the Best Sommelier of Ireland

Categories and criteria

Star Wine List judges the wine lists in several categories such as the Best Sparkling Wine List and Best By the Glass List. These categories are the same across all of the awards. In addition, local categories may be added. We have commercial partners for certain categories, such as the Best Austrian Wine List, presented by Austrian Wine. The commercial partners are, however, never involved in the selections of finalists or winners — that is completely up to our independent jury panel.

The criteria for the jury are straightforward but not simple: Vote for the most exciting wine list representing the category.

The winners in the international categories will qualify for our International Final in June 2024, where they will face off with the category winners from other countries and continents.

Read about the terms and how Star Wine List judges the wine lists here.

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Austrian Wine

The Austrian Wine Marketing Board is based in Vienna, and is a national service body for the Austrian wine industry. The aim is to strategically support, coordinate and maintain quality and sales.


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