Ekstedt in Stockholm grows – and expands wine list

Andreas Grube
Published 05-December-2022
News / Stockholm

After 11 years, restaurant Ekstedt in Stockholm will close down around Christmas – to then reopen in bigger premises, with a brand new lounge section and an expanded wine list. The reopening is planned for the 14 February 2023.

”It feels a bit like a new fresh start,” says Tina Johansson, Head Sommelier.

Ekstedt, at Humlegårdsgatan in Stockholm, recently gained access to the premises next door, which used to house a laundry. This is where the new entrance to the restaurant will be, and they will also open a hole in the wall to the old dining room.

Chef Niklas Ekstedt.

”We will not increase the number of seats, but the focus is on enhancing the guest experience. Guests will start the evening in the new lounge, with some good wine or a cocktail, and something to eat,” says Johansson.

At the same time, Ekstedt will also increase its space for wine, and both the bottle list and the glass list will expand.

”Part of the idea with all this is to increase the space for wine. We will probably never be able to have a gigantic list, but now we will at least have the opportunity to build on it.”

She says her goal is to have a broad list with room for classics from Burgundy, along with more unexpected wines from places like Georgia and Greece. “There is so much fun in the world of wine, and I look forward to showcasing some new exciting things,” she says. “I will also put some personal favourites on the list, such as Portugal―a fantastic wine country where so much is going on―and white Rhône, which I think are underrated food wines.”

The glass list will also be somewhat extended, not least with Champagne and other sparklings.

”We do have a wine pairing menu, but I would say that it is about fifty-fifty between those who go for the menu and those who create their own pairings. Therefore it's fun to be able to have a more varied glass list.”

The new lounge will feature a bar with a smaller cocktail menu, with drinks developed in collaboration with the team at Röda Huset.

”This whole thing feels great, and through this I think we will be able to showcase even more what we do and what we can. Now we can be a little more flexible and, not least, sharpen the entire dinner experience,” says Johansson.

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