California Wine Weeks are under way: ”I feel excited and fortunate”

Last week, the celebration of California Wine Weeks started in 58 venues all over Sweden and around 500 throughout Europe. We caught up with Rachelle Colldahl, project manager for California Wine Weeks in Sweden, for some quick questions.

(Star Wine List cooperates with California Wines Europe for the first California Wine Weeks.)

How does it feel that the celebration has begun?
  ”We started planning for this even before the pandemic. I feel excited and fortunate to have the restaurants and importers support, reach our goal with 58 restaurants in Sweden and will make it a recurring event every year.”

How has the first week been?
”It has been fun to see all the special wine lists with such a diverse selection of California wines. I love to see how creative sommeliers are with these list and going the extra to spread the word on their social media channels.”

Have you had time to go out and drink some Californian wine yourself?
”Of course! I'm making my way around to as many restaurants as possible this month.”

What are your hopes for the rest of November?
”That consumers will support their locals, try something new and experience sunshine and joy in every glass of California wine.”

Published 13-November-2020
Interview / Sweden

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