Dominik Kozlik pairs sommeliers with international jobs

Dominik Kozlik. Photo courtesy of Dominik Kozlik.
Krister Bengtsson
Published 30-June-2024

Dominik Kozlik is an Austrian sommelier who traveled the world to work as a sommelier. To create the same opportunities for a new generation of sommeliers, he created Zeitgeist Sommeliers and a job portal.

"My journey into the world of wine began over three decades ago, driven by a fascination with winemaking. Eearly on I pursued a formal training as a sommelier, specializing in wine tasting, pairing, and cellar management."

"To learn more, I went on a 13-year journey abroad, serving as a sommelier in diverse locales such as South Africa, Scotland, Cayman Island, Australia, Bermudas, England, Ireland, and New Zealand."

Why did you start the Zeitgeist Sommeliers?

"During my career overseas, I recognized a need for a dedicated platform that could connect sommeliers with meaningful job opportunities and resources."

"The original idea started in 2012 to help sommeliers find positions abroad. In 2019 it evolved into a company. Our mission is to empower sommeliers globally by fostering career growth, promoting excellence, and getting industry recognition."

Which markets are you targeting, and how is the market for sommelier jobs right now?

"We target a global audience of sommeliers who are passionate about exploring the world of wine and its cultural diversity. The market for sommelier jobs remains highly competitive, with professionals facing challenges such as staying updated with industry trends and leveraging digital. At Zeitgeist Sommeliers, we want to help by providing comprehensive support and networking opportunities."

Dominik Kozlik. Photo courtesy of Dominik Kozlik.

Why do you think it is important for sommeliers to travel and work internationally?

"International travel and work are invaluable for sommeliers, exposing them to diverse wine cultures, regional techniques, and unique terroirs. These experiences enrich their expertise in wine pairing and service while broadening their professional networks and personal growth. It also helps in offering guests a global perspective on wine and hospitality." When it comes to restaurants, what kind of wine programs do you prefer?

"I appreciate restaurants that prioritize dynamic and thoughtful wine programs, with both established and emerging producers. Sustainability, biodynamic practices, and unique terroirs are important for me too."

"Educational opportunities such as wine tastings and food pairing events also add value."

Which are your favorite restaurants and wine bars?

"Among my favorites are venues that have innovation, authenticity, and a commitment to excellence. I don`t want to mention any names but there are plenty of establishments who stand out for their exceptional service, curated wine lists, and impeccable food pairings. They elevate the dining experience and inspire a deeper appreciation for the cultural and sensory dimensions of wine."

Read more about Zeitgeist Sommeliers and check out sommelier jobs on their website

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