By the Glass strategies with Mark Andrew MW, Paz Levinson and Karin Dejeborn

On 22 June we gathered the creators of some of Europe's top By the Glass lists for a live conversation about By the Glass, and Coravin. Check out the video for their insights.

This live session was tailored for professional sommeliers, but of course all wine lovers will find it useful!

The participants were:
Mark Andrew MW Noble Rot (London)
Karin Dejeborn, Territoriet (Oslo)
Paz Levinson, the Pic Group (Paris, Valence, London & more)
Special guest: Greg Lambrecht – Founder & Inventor of Coravin.

Check out those venues' wine lists through the links below.

And you can win a Coravin Model Six too! (even if you watch the show afterwards)

Check out the video here

In this video you will learn:
About the situation this strange year:
04:01 Karin: "it was very unusual to be closed"
06:16 Paz: "we are preparing to open"
07:22 Mark: "it's a very strange limbo"
How do you work with your By the Glass program and Coravin?
10:11 Karin: "we want wine to be for everyone"
12:52 How long did the Petrus last at Territoriet?
15:29 Paz: "we want to increase the selection of By the Glass!"
23:46 What is happening in Valence?
25:48 Mark: "the key message is to discover"
36:50 A quick question to all about reopening
38:42 Finally, the word to Greg! "do not bet money against Josh in blind tasting"
43:51 Greg: "we are trying to improve Coravin"
46:19 Best insider tips for Coravin? Greg: "Hot water or cheap vodka!"

Published 22-June-2020

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