Linn Johnsen: Le Bojo nouveau n'est pas arrivé à Oslo

While the general interest for cru Beaujolais in Oslo is increasing, the bojonovo craze has yet to hit this somewhat conservative Northern capital, reports our Oslo ambassador Linn Johnsen:

"While waiting for the retro trend to reappear in Oslo, my closest tip for anything fete de Beaujolais - like would be to turn up at Bar Brutus and hope for the best. Otherwise - hit the closest wine monopoly which normally is stocked up on Chateau Cambon, Foillard and Rottiers bojo novos - to mention a few."

So, what are your plans for the Thursday?

"I will be home enjoying a bottle of Marie Lapierre’s bottles of Chateau Cambon’s Nouveau - missing the good old days in Brussels celebrating the barrel’s arrival at my favourite wine bar Titulus."

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(Photo by Anders Husa)

Published 12-Nov-2018


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