Casual Dining Restaurant, Wine Bar

Tbilisi, Georgia

About Sulico

A few years ago, Sulico opened in Tbilisi and swiftly became a cherished spot among locals and tourists in the heart of the historic District Vera. The bar offers a wide variety of natural and conventional wines, paired with a fusion of Georgian and European cuisine. The atmosphere is enchanting and welcoming, with both indoor and outdoor seating options available. Situated on the lower floor, guests can savour their wine and food while observing people stroll by just 5 meters away.

Sulico is a place imbued with a distinctive spirit and character. Each corner is adorned with history and art, leaving an indelible impression after just one visit. Baia, the owner, exemplifies the essence of Georgian hospitality with her exceptional attentiveness and friendliness. The chef creates delectable and visually stunning dishes, and the sommelier, Tamta Bankanashvili, is a highly knowledgeable professional in the wine industry. Sulico is dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of high-quality Georgian natural and conventional wines from various regions across the country.

Great for

  • Natural wines

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