Fine Dining Restaurant

Tbilisi, Georgia

About Barbarestan

This restaurant has an original concept. The recipes are based around a century-old cookbook (published in 1914 by writer and feminist Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze) which the family discovered in a second-hand shop. You’ll be proudly shown a copy of the book at the end of your meal! The restaurant’s décor has a wonderful period feel, and this is only enhanced when there are musicians and singers at neighbouring tables.

The recipes – and thus the cuisine – take Georgian food as the starting point, but then add some European influences and refinement. Duck dishes are a speciality, as are the desserts (not normally part of the Georgian repertoire at all). Overall, the combination of Georgian authenticity plus a soupçon of fine-dining works really well.

About the Barbarestan Wine List

This is the place to explore Georgian wine’s more classic side. Don’t come expecting crazy, funky natural wines, or micro-cuvees from the latest upstart winemaker. What is on the list here is a wide-ranging collection of Georgian wines (and other beverages) that cover the whole country. Qvevri amber wines from excellent producers such as Orgo/Dakisvili family cellars, Winiveria and Satrapezo are available, along with western-style wines from all the major producers (if that’s your thing).

If you always wanted to try a high-quality Kvanchkara (a naturally semi-sweet red wine made from Alexandrouli & Mudzhuretuli grapes, that was reputed to be Stalin’s favourite), this is the place to do it. There’s also an excellent selection of cha-cha (Georgian grappa).

Great for

  • Casual
  • Local Wines
  • Natural wines
  • Orange wines

Wine team

  • Tornike Kurasbediani
  • Andria Kurasbediani
    Sommelier, General manager

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