16 amazing wine places in Tbilisi

Traditional Georgian food and great selections of local qvevri wine – here are some lovely wine places in Tbilisi, Georgia, not to be missed!

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  1. Phone: +995 032 256 08 56

    Address: 54 Egnate Ninoshvili Street, T'bilisi

    Craft Wine Restaurant is an exciting addition to the portfolio of the Communal Company, a renowned group with high-quality restaurants and hotels across Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Telavi. The team brings passion and professionalism to every project they undertake. Craft Wine Restaurant caters specifically to natural wine enthusiasts, offering an extensive selection from all regions of Georgia. This makes it likely the largest natural wine list in Tbilisi. Chef Giorgi, known for his exceptional culinary skills, crafts delicious dishes infused with various spices. His wife, Mancho, manages the resta...

  2. Phone: +995 032 202 11 99

    Address: 14, 0108 Merab Kostava Street, T'bilisi

    Warehouse is an enchanting natural wine bar and wine shop located in Tbilisi, within the iconic Stamba Hotel. It is owned by the Adjara Hospitality Group, which holds a portfolio of hotels and restaurants across the country. Founded by Temur Ugulava, the establishment has begun importing natural wines from various parts of the world. The venue strikes a balance between being spacious and cozy, offering a beautiful and inviting ambience. Additionally, they feature a selection of Georgian natural wines.

  3. Phone: +995 551 63 42 42

    Address: 33 Lado Asatiani Street, T'bilisi

    Iasamani, a fine dining restaurant nestled in the heart of Tbilisi, is renowned for its exquisite cuisine and extensive wine selection. Set within a charming old building adorned with a fusion of traditional and modern interior design, it offers the perfect backdrop for lunch and dinner. Keep an eye out for the subtle sign on the street to uncover this culinary treasure, catering to enthusiasts of modern Georgian cuisine. Additionally, you can also enjoy a delightful array of cocktails. The wine selection here features a variety of local, natural, and conventional wines.

  4. Phone: +995 599 36 27 49

    Address: 6 Giorgi Akhvlediani Street, T'bilisi

    Alubali is a charming café-restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating, offering a delightful selection of traditional Georgian cuisine and a wide variety of conventional wines from around all regions of Georgia. Visitors are encouraged to savour the wines in the garden, surrounded by lemon trees, and indulge in freshly baked Georgian Khachapuri.

  5. Phone: +995 591 02 03 69

    Address: 12 Pavle Ingorokva Street, T'bilisi

    Kancellaria is a newly opened natural wine bar conveniently located next to the Chancellery of Georgia. The interior boasts a cosy atmosphere with candles, making it an ideal spot to enjoy European cuisine and Georgian natural wine. This is a highly recommended spot for a delightful lunch or dinner experience.

  6. Phone: +995 555 12 25 51

    Address: 46 Ivane Javakhishvili Street, T'bilisi

    Situated in a charming one-floor building near the Fabrica multifunctional space, Wine Merchants is the passion project of wine connoisseur and professional Giorgi Sikharulidze. The establishment offers a curated selection of wines and spirits from Georgia and worldwide, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a delightful dining experience while enjoying the finest of wines.

  7. Phone: +995 593 62 08 18

    Address: 0105, 13 Ivane Machabeli Street, T'bilisi

    Café Littera, owned by the renowned and talented chef Tekuna Gachechiladze, is a leading establishment in modern Georgian cuisine. It is situated at the Writers House Garden, previously owned by David Sarajishvili, the first distiller of grape brandy in Georgia. Please note that Café Littera is a seasonal restaurant closed during the winter. The wine selection is varied, featuring exclusively Georgian wines. Indulge in a wine tasting, dinner or lunch in the fresh air of the garden beneath the shade of a 150-year-old pine tree. Tekuna’s husband, Irakli is a natural winemaker and produces his...

  8. Phone: +995 598 29 31 61

    Address: 1/9 Mikheil Lermontovi Street, T'bilisi

    Ferment Wine Bistro is a charming wine bar and casual restaurant nestled in the heart of Tbilisi, occupying the ground floor of an old 19th-century building. The concept revolves around fermented beverages and slow food, offering a traditional Georgian culinary experience in a creatively designed interior. The wine selection is meticulously curated, featuring rare Georgian grape varieties, natural, fine, aged and Kvevri wines from various Georgian regions and worldwide. With its focus on fermented beverages and traditional cuisine, Ferment is an ideal spot for both lunch and dinner. Additi...

  9. Phone: +995 599 01 55 85

    Address: 8 Egnate Ninoshvili Street, T'bilisi

    Saamuri is situated within the vibrant Fabrika multifunctional space, featuring a diverse mix of restaurants, bars, shops, and a hostel. This innovative project, spearheaded by Maia Chokhonelidze, is specifically tailored to appeal to the younger generation, focusing on millennials and Gen Z. Saamuri is dedicated to promoting natural wines and hosts cultural events, offering a unique tap wine experience. The wine bar is nestled in a charming and inviting green corner of Fabrika, creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere to enjoy. Here, you can explore a rich variety of Georgian and natural wi...

  10. Phone: +995 511 10 27 27

    Address: 27 Mikheil Zandukeli Street, T'bilisi

    A few years ago, Sulico opened in Tbilisi and swiftly became a cherished spot among locals and tourists in the heart of the historic District Vera. The bar offers a wide variety of natural and conventional wines, paired with a fusion of Georgian and European cuisine. The atmosphere is enchanting and welcoming, with both indoor and outdoor seating options available. Situated on the lower floor, guests can savour their wine and food while observing people stroll by just 5 meters away. Sulico is a place imbued with a distinctive spirit and character. Each corner is adorned with history and art,...

  11. Phone: +995 032 288 00 11

    Address: 26 Sulkhan Tsintsadze Street, T'bilisi

    The wine bar and shop 8000 Vintages offers something for everyone. Guests can either buy wines or reserve a table, as well as indulge in tapas in the evening. 8000 Vintages is committed to promoting Georgian-bottled wines and has expanded to multiple locations, including Tbilisi, Batumi, and a recent opening in Berlin. The wines are carefully chosen through blind tastings by experienced wine professionals, sommeliers, and oenologists. Each location is staffed with a dedicated professional sommelier ready to assist you in selecting the perfect wines for any occasion. The knowledgeable staff i...

  12. Phone: +995598462389

    Address: 2 Pavle Ingorokva Street, Tbilisi

    Named after the ceremonial ladle used to serve wine direct from a qvevri, Azarphesha is a homely space, very close to Freedom Square, which focuses on wild, seasonal and local food. You’ll find occasional references to middle-eastern or Mediterranean cuisines such as Lebanon or Greece, but in general, Georgian food is centre stage here. The restaurant can arrange traditional polyphonic singers and musicians on request, and this is highly recommended. Owner Luarsab is himself a fine singer and orator – it’s a real treat if he’s in the house and breaks into song. The food is an absolute joy – h...

  13. Phone: +995 551 12 11 76

    Address: D. Aghmashenebeli ave. 132, Tbilisi

    This restaurant has an original concept. The recipes are based around a century-old cookbook (published in 1914 by writer and feminist Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze) which the family discovered in a second-hand shop. You’ll be proudly shown a copy of the book at the end of your meal! The restaurant’s décor has a wonderful period feel, and this is only enhanced when there are musicians and singers at neighbouring tables. The recipes – and thus the cuisine – take Georgian food as the starting point, but then add some European influences and refinement. Duck dishes are a speciality, as are the desse...

  14. Phone: +995 598 93 21 21

    Address: Courtyard of Axis Towers, 37m Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue, T'bilisi

    Centrally located near the Bridge of Peace, g.Vino has a lovely terrace on a pedestrianised street. It’s a relaxing location to sit and enjoy life, with a glass of amber wine. Husband and wife Mamuka & Lida created g.Vino out of a love of their country’s wines, but also to combine it with another passion – a Spanish-style tapas concept. They’ve created a warm and friendly space, with different seating levels and corners depending on your mood. Food is excellent, and although mostly focused around grazing, does extend to more substantial offerings (including a very upmarket burger) if you need...

  15. Phone: +995 577 78 62 68

    Address: ჭონქაძის 29/29 Chonkadze str, T'bilisi

    Housed in a wonderful brick-vaulted sous-terrain, this atmospheric restaurant has a welcoming interior. It’s slightly off the tourist track – which has the benefit that it doesn’t get overwhelmed as easily as places like Vino Underground. Georgian dishes and flavours are the starting point (Khachapuri is highly recommended), but there are fusion touches too. You can choose to abandon the Georgian “everything on the table at once” concept and go with a multiple course tasting menu if you so wish. The use of wild herbs, home-made fermented products and sweet-sour sauces adds a distinctive char...

  16. Phone: +995 599 50 64 27

    Address: 15 Galaktion Tabidze Street, Tbilisi

    ​An iconic part of Tbilisi's, if not Georgia’s, natural wine scene, this small, brick-lined cellar dive is owned and managed by a collective of Georgia’s top artisan winemakers. It’s a hop, skip and a jump from Freedom Square, and certainly represents a kind of freedom in wine. When it opened in 2012, there was practically nowhere in Tbilisi where traditional/natural qvevri wines could be enjoyed, so Vino Underground was a real trailblazer. The atmosphere varies from cosy (on a quiet night) to absolutely bonkers on a busy night, when many winemakers will be in attendance. The action spills ou...