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Riviera is one of the most well-established and popular restaurants among locals in Riga. The menu reflects Mediterranean-influenced dishes which are easy to understand, fresh and simply delicious. The ambience is very friendly and humble with easygoing service and an experienced service team. The venue is located in the quiet centre of Riga, which is also a beautiful area to discover. Because of its popularity reservations is a must.

Due to its long history, the wine list has organically grown and is quite extensive. The wine list is managed by Ivars Kalniņš, who is a well-respected Latvian sommelier who has a lot of experience in wine service and hospitality. The wine list features selected wines from all around the world with back vintages, hidden gems and large formats.

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  • This venue has a Portuguese offering that covers all the main areas and works as a nice introduction to what the country has to offer for the rest of the wine world, said Heidi Mäkinen on Riviera's Gold award in the Best Portuguese Wine List in Latvia, 2023.

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