Burbulio Vyninė

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Vilnius, Lithuania

About Burbulio Vyninė

Burbulio vyninė is a small wine bar/shop in the old town of Vilnius, not far away from À ta santé. While À ta santé focuses on French wine, Burbullio vyninė’s theme is Italy. And that can be said not only about wine selection but also about snacks like cheeses, cold cuts, and such specialties as nduja.

The ambience of the place is also very much Italian: slightly chaotic, laid back, simple, and without a hint of snobbery. And that is a big part of why this place has built a staunch loyal clientele. Most of the wines at Burbulio vyninė are self imported, and since the place works both as a wine store and as a bar, there is no printed wine list or menu; instead, you are invited to pick a wine from the shelf yourself or you leave this task for one of the staff members. The markups to drink inside are reasonable and it is always nice that you can buy a bottle you liked to take away.

The selection of wines covers most of the Italian regions and while there are not many big or very well-known names, you can always find some hidden gems. Vaidotas Burbulis, the owner, is present most of the time and with a cheeky smile in his eyes and glass in hand, is always ready to tell stories from his trips to Italy or about one or another winemaker. His small team has been with him for many years and each member of it is equally characterful. And that’s a big part of this bar’s success.

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