The 9 best wine bars and wine restaurants in Vilnius 2024

Small and cosy wine bar gems, luxury fine dining, and relaxed neighbourhood restaurants. The wine scene in Vilnius, Lithuania, has a lot to offer. Here Star Wine List's ambassador Martynas Pravilonis, has selected his favourite wine spots in the city.

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  1. Phone: +370 (8-5) 260 8455

    Address: Rūdninkų gatvė 18, Vilnius

    Burbulio vyninė is a small wine bar/shop in the old town of Vilnius, not far away from À ta santé. While À ta santé focuses on French wine, Burbullio vyninė’s theme is Italy. And that can be said not only about wine selection but also about snacks like cheeses, cold cuts, and such specialties as nduja. The ambience of the place is also very much Italian: slightly chaotic, laid back, simple, and without a hint of snobbery. And that is a big part of why this place has built a staunch loyal clientele. Most of the wines at Burbulio vyninė are self imported, and since the place works both as a wi...

  2. Phone: +37067223272

    Address: Gedimino Prospektas 35, Vilnius

    The aptly named restaurant Dine can be considered one of the pioneers of modern cuisine in Vilnius and throughout the years has gained a loyal clientele among the locals and city guests. Created by locally well-known chef Egidijus Lapinskas and five-times Lithuanian Sommelier champion Arminas Darasevičius, Dine is not strictly a fine-dining place, but nor is it casual. Dishes are well executed and beautifully plated with strong seasonal and local imprints and service is welcoming, relaxed, and smooth without any stiffness. Despite his many titles, you can often find Arminas himself working t...

  3. Phone: +370 (8-657) 07050

    Address: Pylimo gatvė 23-3, Vilnius

    Portuguese Wine List of the Year Baltics, presented by Symington Family Estates 2023

    Gaspar’s, located in Vilnius city centre, is owned, and run by the Le Cordon Blue graduate Gaspar Fernandes. Born in India, trained in London, with his grandparents coming from Portugal, Gaspar blends all these different influences creating beautiful and flavourful dishes with authentic touch. During the weekdays the restaurant serves lunch and dinner, while on Sundays there is an option to go for an extremely popular brunch. In the evening guests can choose between the à la carte and tasting menus, because both provide a great dining experience. For Gaspar, his heritage is very important,...

  4. Phone: +370 (8-607) 53944

    Address: Užupio gatvė 19, Vilnius

    Portuguese Wine List of the Year Baltics, presented by Symington Family Estates 2023

    Vilnius’ Užupis district forms a special and important part of our capital city. Like Copenhagen’s Christiania, it is an artistic hub, full of art galleries, workshops, and boutiques. It has its own community, its own constitution and proclaimed itself an independent republic inside Vilnius itself. It is also becoming an area to visit for a good meal and drink. One of the places creating this reputation is Le Travi, a tiny Italian pasta and natural wine bar. Le Travi’s menu is short and simple. But here lies its strength – all the pasta, bread, and gnocchi are made in-house and are extremely...

  5. Phone: +370 (8-633) 80287

    Address: Didžioji gatvė 7, Vilnius

    Portuguese Wine List of the Year Lithuania, presented by Symington Family Estates 2023

    Pacai is a surname of a historic Lithuanian noble family who were very important from the XIV to the XIX century. It is also the name of the luxury five-star hotel and restaurant based in the mansion built by the Pacai family in the XVII century, in the heart of Vilnius’ old town. Since the hotel belongs to the Design Hotels group, expect classy but modern surroundings which creates a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. From the moment you step in through the door you are treated with great care and attention, making it a perfect place to book if you have an important occasion. The restaurant menu i...

  6. Phone: +37068464622

    Address: Pylimo gatvė 21, Vilnius

    Austrian Wine List of the Year Lithuania, presented by Austrian Wine 2023

    Based in the heart of Vilnius, wine bar SOMM was created by the two champions of sommelier competitions, Narimantas Miežys and Arminas Darasevičius. As the name implies, wine and its stewards are the center of everything that happens here, so expect a knowledgeable team, good service, tasty wine pairings, and plenty of wine-related stories. The food served here is comforting, full of flavour, and made for sharing. It is created to suit SOMM’s wine list, which covers not only the classic regions from around the world but also the rising ones, such as Georgia, Armenia, and Lebanon. Overall, wel...

  7. Phone: +370 652 89444

    Address: Literatų gatvė 9, Vilnius

    The world nowadays is extremely dynamic and fast changing and nowhere it is felt so much as in the restaurant industry. But at the same time people value and are looking for something stable and constant. A place where they know what to expect. One such place is also one of the oldest still operating restaurants in Vilnius: French brasserie Saint Germain. Throughout its almost 20 years of life, the menu changes have been very minor, and the team has been very stable, ensuring a high quality of service. The only thing which has been changing in the otherwise solid-as-stone restaurant is its w...

  8. Phone: +37068649207

    Address: Dominikonų gatvė 11, Vilnius

    Wine bar Taurės (meaning glasses in Lithuanian) is part of a great gastronomic project called Senatorių Pasažas, a restored historical mansion in the center of Vilnius dedicated to food culture. Besides the wine bar, you can find here a culinary bookstore, bakery, brasserie, fine-dining restaurant, and stores dedicated to fresh vegetables and meat. Keeping with the spirit of the rest of the courtyard, and inspired by Nordic aesthetics, Taurės has a stylish but relaxed feeling about it. The wine list has a strong emphasis on low intervention, organic and biodynamic wines, with a good balance b...

  9. Phone: +370 (8-647) 72557

    Address: Vilniaus gatvė 35, Vilnius

    The Bubbles. Champagneria is one of the first, and certainly the longest surviving, bars dedicated to sparkling wines and Champagne. Located in the old town area with, probably, the highest concentration of bars in the city The Bubbles forms an important part of Vilnius’ nightlife. It is rather small, cosy, and very lively, especially on weekends. There is no food menu except for oysters when fresh ones are available, but what it doesn’t lack is Champagne and sparkling wine. The list is constantly changing and always includes more than 100 sparkling wines and Champagne. The champagne selection...