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Vilnius’ Užupis district forms a special and important part of our capital city. Like Copenhagen’s Christiania, it is an artistic hub, full of art galleries, workshops, and boutiques. It has its own community, its own constitution and proclaimed itself an independent republic inside Vilnius itself. It is also becoming an area to visit for a good meal and drink. One of the places creating this reputation is Le Travi, a tiny Italian pasta and natural wine bar.

Le Travi’s menu is short and simple. But here lies its strength – all the pasta, bread, and gnocchi are made in-house and are extremely fresh and tasty. The food is cooked by the owner Mattia Rupilis himself there on sight in the open kitchen and it creates a home-like and welcoming atmosphere. He is also responsible for the wine list and has chosen to go almost exclusively for low-intervention wines in his restaurant. Natural wine is still a very new trend in Lithuania and this decision has set Le Travi at the vanguard of it.

The wine list is short but is well-selected and covers wines from around the world. It is also constantly changing which shows Mattias's passion for what he does. The only shortcoming is that unless you are a natty aficionado the wine list is rather difficult to navigate. All the wines are simply grouped by style (white, red, rose, or sparkling), and looking only at the names it is difficult to say where the wine comes from and what grapes are used for its production. As a result, you are left to trust the suggestions of the restaurant’s team. And they are doing it quite well – Le Travi is almost always full and it is not very easy to get the table without a reservation.

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Wine team

  • MR
    Mattia Rupilis
    Owner, Head Sommelier

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