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Vilnius, Lithuania

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The world nowadays is extremely dynamic and fast changing and nowhere it is felt so much as in the restaurant industry. But at the same time people value and are looking for something stable and constant. A place where they know what to expect. One such place is also one of the oldest still operating restaurants in Vilnius: French brasserie Saint Germain.

Throughout its almost 20 years of life, the menu changes have been very minor, and the team has been very stable, ensuring a high quality of service. The only thing which has been changing in the otherwise solid-as-stone restaurant is its wine list. Carefully curated by the sommelier Rytis Grigaitis, it is constantly updated and looked after. Moderate in size, it focuses mostly on Old World classic regions and well-known producers. Maybe it is not the trendiest, cutting-edge selection, but it has plenty of sure-fire options for any wine lover, be it a bottle of Champagne, Bordeaux, Rhône, or a classic Spanish region such as Rioja or Ribera del Duero. There is a good diversity of styles, as well as price levels which suit their French/Mediterranean cuisine. That could be said not only about selection by the bottle but also by the glass which includes both good mid-range options as well as some premium examples.

Everything mentioned above, plus one of the cosiest and most beautiful terraces during the summer, have made Saint Germain a very popular restaurant both with locals and foreign guests.

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