Karin Ericson

Ambassador Malmö

Photo by Lina Arvidsson

Karin Ericson is a sommelier, independent wine journalist, and lecturer living in Malmö, Sweden. She has been working as a food writer and restaurant reviewer for several magazines and guides for the last fifteen years, and her interest in wine initially stemmed from her passion for food.

Today she writes for Wine Table and Galore Wkd, organizes tastings, and is also an educator at the Swedish Sommelier School, The Wine Hub. In 2023, Karin was honored with an award at the Southern Swedish Gastronomy Awards for her writing, and more recently, you could see her shaking mocktails on television before the Eurovision finals.

Karin is open-minded, curious, and has an eye for what’s new. Always traveling to seek more experience, searching for stories, and meeting people behind the wine. Beyond her love for wine and food, Karin has a rich background in advertising as a copywriter and communication specialist, which she still does, for example, for a very well-known Swedish furniture company.