Wine Mechanics makes wine in Gothenburg

The past weekend was the opening party for Wine Mechanics, Gothenburg’s first urban winery that includes a restaurant and a wine and oyster bar.

“We will offer a place where you can come seven days a week to see how wine is made, talk to our winemaker, taste our wines and more than 200 others. And our chefs cook the most wine friendly food in Gothenburg,” says founder Kenneth Gustafsson.

The first vintage is 2017 but those wines were made on site in Europe and shipped to Gothenburg as ready wine and is now on tank and barrel. The coming autumn will mark the premiere for “real” winemaking in Gothenburg when grapes from Tokaj, northern Rhone and Pfalz will be trucked to be fermented at Wine Mechanics. The idea came from Kenneth Gustafsson, a former football professional and already a wine importer specialised in Oregon wine.

“To import others’ wines is great fun but to make your own is a dream, a lot harder and more fun. And I thought Gothenburg needed a winery after all those breweries,” says Gustafsson with a laugh.

The beverage manager Sarrah Ohngren Torres has arrived from Oregon where she worked in the wine industry and at Wine Mechanics she has already built an ambitious wine list. A 27 year-old Swede, Erik Jonsson, is the winemaker and he as worked in New Zealand and in Saint-Joseph.

You say you are the first urban winery in Sweden but there are others, such as The Winery Hotel in Solna, for example, how does that work?
“The Winery Hotel has created an amazing wine hotel with beautiful architecture and design. Our primary focus however is to make world class wine, nothing else. We are winemakers and buy grapes from some of the best growers in Europe. In 2018 we will make wine from top notch grapes from Pfalz, northern Rhone and Tokaj, and it is just the beginning,” says Gustafsson

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Published 03-May-2018
News / Sweden

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