Emma Ziemann Swedish somm champ

Emma Ziemann from Thörnströms Kök in Gothenburg has won the 2018 Swedish sommelier championship.

“It feels fantastic even though I haven’t understood anything that’s going on, I am totally confused and shocked and super happy,” Ziemann said right after the ceremony.

In the final, Ziemann won over Ellen Franzén from Esperanto and Joakim Bogström from Vinbaren Åre. The competitors had to face a series of practical and theoretical challenges during the entire day.

Did you feel during the final that it was going your way?

“I like freestyle parts, it’s a dream scenario that I get 20-25 minutes to complete a number of tasks and that it’s not so strict. So that was the dream scenario for me.”

How are you going to celebrate?

“I think there will be something to drink haha!”

Published 07-May-2018
News / Sweden

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