Amanda Barnes: "Mendoza is still at the top of the game"

Amanda Barnes, Mendoza ambassador. (Photo: Matt Wilson)
Andreas Grube
Published 11-April-2024
Interview / Mendoza

Our ambassador in Mendoza, award-winning wine writer and South American wine expert Amanda Barnes, has updated our guide to the best wine places in Mendoza with two new Red Stars.

What is happening on the wine scene in Mendoza at the moment?
"So much! But right at this moment, it is just turning to autumn, so it’s a great time to be drinking the plethora of lighter, chillable reds that are new to the market in the past couple of vintages. Lovely Pinot, Bastardo, Garnacha, and red Criollas."

What are the most exciting developments recently, in your opinion?
"Regionality continues to be a big focus, with winemakers driving even further into the intricacies of their terroir. This depth of knowledge and understanding is producing the best wines Argentina has ever made."

What regions are most in demand?
"Mendoza is still at the top of the game, but we are increasingly seeing more and more exciting wines coming from the south of Argentina. I think Otronia in particular, the southernmost winery in the world, can now be considered one of South America’s best. Considering Chubut is such a relatively new region, its rise is even more impressive."

What are the new Red Stars adding to the scene?
"El Hornero in La Morada offers one of the best wine lists in the country, and that is even more impressive because it is in the rather remote Uco Valley! The jamón is also the best I have had in Argentina, and the food is all great. And Centauro I think is the most stylish restaurant in the city today. But there’s substance to the style too… smart food and slick service."

Anything you want to add?
"Mendoza’s winery restaurants are really fabulous and well worth visiting if you are in town. We can't really add them to the list, as they only stock their own wines, but the food quality (and wine quality!) is right up there with the best in Argentina."

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