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Volare is THE wine bar on Gotland, situated within the old town of Visby on the ground floor of a several centuries-old building, next to the cobbled street leading down towards the ocean harbour. Old Hanseatic history is very much present here, as you are seated next to massive stone pillars holding up a limewashed arched ceiling in what feels like an excellent location for storing wine barrels.

As a guest, you receive highly personalised service and advice from the witty and skilful team that invests generous amounts of time and effort in making your experience great. The wine selection is broad and there is something for every taste within the large selection of wines, most of which can be made available to be enjoyed by the glass, making the offering huge by most standards. Here wine is fun and unpretentious although it’s very much taken seriously at the same time, all of it more or less personified by the owner and grande dame, Natalie.

Tips: Ask about the upcoming tastings hosted at Volare, there are plenty of regular and interesting options for exploring and learning about wine all year round.

Tips 2: Ask Jesper to nerd out on some of his perfectly ripe cheeses for you; your tastebuds will not get disappointed.

Great for

  • By the glass
  • Central location
  • Historical building
  • Wine tastings

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