The 7 best wine bars and wine restaurants on Gotland 2024

The Swedish island of Gotland is always a well-visited place by tourists both from Sweden and abroad. Here, Star Wine List's ambassadors have selected their favourite wine bars and wine restaurants on the island!

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  1. Phone: +46 0498-21 28 04

    Address: Stora torget 7, Visby

    Bageriet (the Bakery), is a restaurant and bar situated at the main square in the old town of Visby, the venue is small and quite rustic, very casual and a spot that the locals frequent all year around so there is almost always a very nice buzz in there, with great vibey music playing. The wine list is focused on natural wines and is small in size, but as the majority of the wines listed are also available by the glass, it makes for plenty of options to explore. A perfect place for a quick in and out when one strolls through town.

  2. Phone: +46 498 21 42 14

    Address: Hästgatan 19, Visby

    Jessens Saluhall & Bar is a mini version of a market hall within a corner shop, situated on the cobbled walking street leading down from the eastern gate of the thousand-year-old city wall surrounding the old city centre in Visby. Outside the shop are seating areas with benches along the facade that are perfect for people-watching on this quite busy street, a street whose gradient would deter most cyclists if the cobbles wouldn’t. Animal produce is really at the centre of focus for the three Jessens brothers that run the shop and it’s well worth digging into the tasty snacks and dishes on off...

  3. Phone: +46 0498-21 50 80

    Address: Stora TORGET 16, Visby

    Bolaget is a stylish restaurant and bistro with French influences. It used to be a Systembolaget-store (Swedish alcohol monopoly, Editor's note), placed slap bang in the middle of the old town square in Visby with a perfectly positioned outdoor seating area all dressed up in green marble. Great for people-watching and constant sun exposure throughout the day, the latter an important aspect for many Nordic dwellers. The wine list is focused on classic French producers and there are many well-priced options in the selection to be had. There is also a very good selection of digestives to indulge...

  4. Phone: +46 498 21 01 19

    Address: Strandgatan 20, Visby

    By the Glass List of the Year Sweden, presented by Riedel 2024

    Volare is THE wine bar on Gotland, situated within the old town of Visby on the ground floor of a several centuries-old building, next to the cobbled street leading down towards the ocean harbour. Old Hanseatic history is very much present here, as you are seated next to massive stone pillars holding up a limewashed arched ceiling in what feels like an excellent location for storing wine barrels. As a guest, you receive highly personalised service and advice from the witty and skilful team that invests generous amounts of time and effort in making your experience great. The wine selection is...

  5. Phone: +46 0498-21 87 00

    Address: Strandgatan 26, Visby

    Lindgården is a classic inn situated in the lower old town of Visby. The location is about a stone's throw away from another good wine venue, Volare, making this street one of the obvious choices when one is up for some wine in town. The inn offers a couple of great options for wining and dining, with the enclosed courtyard being hard to trump during summertime, with large trees providing natural shade for you and your glass of something delicious. The team is knowledgeable and dressed in classic white serving jackets, on hand to assist with any questions regarding the broad and well-curated...

  6. Phone: +46 498 22 40 09

    Address: FÅRÖ SIMUNDS 3866, Fårö

    A very cosy place, where they cook GOOD food with great sense of taste and Mediterranean influences. The evenings are magical, especially in August.

    Restaurang Fårögården is temporarily closed.

  7. Phone: +46 498 530 62

    Address: KRÄKLINGBO KRÄKLINGS 223, Katthammarsvik

    Krakas Krog in Kräklingbo on the eastern side of Gotland, run by restaurateur Ulrika Karlsson, is a small gem on Sweden's restaurant scene. Krakas is open 8 June to 8 October, four days a week and with only one seating per night. The cuisine is nordic with a focus on the green. The wine list is mainly focused on Burgundy, but you can also find some great wines from the US, as well as Barolo, Barbaresco and more. Around 300 references and marks are modest, to say the least, so this is a place where you really can afford to treat yourself with some beautiful bottles. Krakas Krog also has some...