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About Standard

​Standard has set themselves an ambitious goal: They want to make Neapolitan pizza that tastes just as good as in the home of the pizza – in Naples itself. To achieve this, they have pursued one goal from the very first moment of planning: Authentic quality, real ingredients, traditional production methods – and no compromises. Everything that is baked in their Neapolitan dome oven has been cut by hand. Even the tomatoes are crushed by hand to create their yummy sauce.

Just like in Naples, and just like in Campania, the kitchen will close when they run out of pizza dough. This is an extremely popular place, being considered one of the best pizza places in the world (they were recently awarded 3 slices by Italian food and wine magazine Gambero Rosso), so book well in advance and do not be late for your reservation – especially during summer. You would be amazed by the number​ of people without a reservation queuing and waiting outside for a seat.

About the Standard Wine List

​Florian Schramm, the jack of all trades at Standard, is not only the owner, the manager, the pizza-dough fairy but also a seriously successful Austrian entrepreneur and wine lover. Just as the foundation of the Standard's pizzas is authenticity and traditional products, the same goes for the wine list.

The list has a strong Austrian influence (Burgenland is very well represented), with some Italian (of course), German stuff and a French touch. Most of the wines are low intervention wines from personal friends of Florian – like the infamous Tscheppe-Elselböck family, Clemens Ströbl or Christian Tschida.


You are more than welcome to bring a bottle or two, but please ask Florian before.

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  • Austrian wines
  • Italian
  • Natural wines

Wine team

  • Florian Schramm
    Owner, Manager

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