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About Majordomo

With restaurants in Canada, Australia, Las Vegas and all over New York City, its perhaps crazy to say this, but David Chang’s Majordomo is definitely his best. Landing in North Chinatown in an area surrounded by warehouses, many worried if the achievements of the other concepts would translate to LA—especially with the recent lack of West Coast success from other New York hospitality groups. But the opening timing of Majordomo could not have been any better with the premier of Ugly Delicious on Netflix, causing his popularity to hit whole new level.

The menu, to simply put it, is so freaking good. Starting off with bing, a flatbread of sorts that is ordered with accoutrements that includes gems such as cave-aged butter & Kaluga caviar, or spicy lamb. After that, the menu becomes incredibly hard to choose from: the market-driven vegetables, rice, and noodle dishes all grab your attention. And most importantly, the large format dishes will make you wish you had more friends to split them with. Each of the shareable entrees compete for what could be the signature dish.

About the Majordomo Wine List

The wine program is considered by locals to be one of the city’s best, and is the brainchild of Richard Hargreave. He has put together a well conceptualized list of new and exciting wines, as well as favorites from classic old world regions. A typical bottle progression at Majordomo would be Champagne, into Italian amphora skin contact, followed by Northern Rhone Syrah...all while there is a beer is in your other hand.


The corkage fee is $30 per 750mls for the first two bottles and $50 for each subsequent bottle. Please note that they do not allow corkage for wines that appear on our list.

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